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Interior Design — 10 Things Every Luxury Bathroom Needs

Lynda Reeves gives us a first look at her newly renovated bathroom! Peek inside the elegant, luxurious space and discover her top 10 favorite features.

The starting point for Lynda’s renovation was her desire for a freestanding tub. She chose an Ios Volcanic Limestone tub by Victoria + Albert in an oval shape, which fit beautifully by the window. A custom, double-sink vanity with a Calacatta marble top has shallow drawers that offer an airy feel, while a vintage Turkish rug circa 1940 from Elte adds style underfoot. Lynda brought texture into the neutral space with limestone flooring in a herringbone pattern. Watch the video to discover the other features that Lynda loves most about her bathroom.

Want to know how much she spent on the bathroom renovation? Find out in our April issue, on newsstands from March 6th.

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  1. I am building my dream home in rural Pennsylvania facing a mountain. This bathroom has become my inspiration for our master bath. Definitely incorporating several elements such as the Victoria and Albert tub and the White Down paint by Benjamin Moore. Must have watched and rewatched this video like 100 times, hahaha. Such a lovely space Lynda.

  2. Eugenie Gen.19.5

    It’s a beautiful bathroom 🙂

  3. absolutely beautiful! love the floor!

  4. I love Lynda. she's so classy and graceful yet down to earth. and for some reason I feel like there's something almost Marilyn Monroe-ish about her.
    ..I love this bathroom, as well. is it strange that my favorites things are actually the smaller decorative items, such as the window blind and the sculpture?? lol.

  5. who wants to sit in a tub like that….so unconfortable

  6. Her passion for this space is so inspiring. I love this women already!

  7. That space looks absolutely stunning, one day I will own something similar, one day…

  8. $20k in toilet and bathtub. 😨

  9. I love it. Congrats!

  10. Anyone read the magazine and can spill the bean on how much it cost?

  11. I love how excited she was about the washroom. it's fun for the viewers too to see someone enjoy their decor that much

  12. 1. freestanding tub
    2. vanity: calacatta (leathered) marble, with table form and hidden drawer
    3. rug: vintage Oushak
    4. blind: artful (grafitto)
    5. toilet: with Toto 750 washlet
    6. makeup vanity
    7. floor: tumbled herringbone limestone
    8: tub tray
    9. drawers: that close flush and pretty
    10. paint: BM White Dove; walls: pearl, baseboards: semigloss, crown: gloss

  13. Beautiful !!!

  14. Dexter Barrientos

    I just have a vibe that she had been drinking before this shoot.. haha

  15. Desmon Du Plessis

    Great style, perfectly executed.

  16. Daphne Anderson

    Please help me pick out appliances!!! French door refrigerator, dishwasher and wash machine🙏🏻

  17. What drawers were under her sink? That was some geometric cut out that holds absolutely nothing! I would have that sink/counter in a guest bathroom. Guests do not require storage. I like having all of my toiletries at an arm's length. All of that moving my twice daily items I use in and out of flush closure cabinets & drawers would get old.

  18. 😍💖💙💚💛💜👍

  19. i love Lynda

  20. 💙❤️💚🇩🇰

  21. noviceprepper53

    lovely space. thanks for sharing.

  22. i LOVE it . everything came together and was top notch in all categories. she created a beautiful theme and ambiance.

  23. WOW Spectacular!

  24. Bridget Collins

    It is beautiful

  25. Oooh, it's dreamy. I really love the open sink vanity, too. I want to repurpose a vintage desk for my sink vanity. They are the perfect furniture piece to use for this style.

  26. I have the small round version of your West Elm Vanity as my nightstand.
    The Penelope is one of my favorite pieces of furniture!

  27. Fantastically beautiful! ~Jess

  28. Sweet And Simple Home

    It's gorgeous! I wonder how people in the design industry make design decisions for their own homes. You have access to and knowledge about everything design! Is it difficult to overcome that obstacle? Your bathroom is breathtaking!

  29. Wow wow love everything we need tour of your house

  30. I love when Sigourney Weaver gives tips on bathroom renovations

  31. That bathtub sounds so expensive lmao I love it

  32. Aishwarya Shambharkar

    that was so amazing ^___^