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  1. just gorgeous!!! I really would love to live there. so tranquil and open. just amazing!

  2. 2400 square feet is not minimalist

  3. 0:51 – It's minimalist because he hasn't moved in yet!
    2:06 – Less is more but he has a growing family.

  4. That's bull shit. It doesn't take a genius in math to figure that 222 square metres is over 2300 square feet. For 3 people? It's a great big home with no furniture. Heating that space? For a home it's pretty industrial looking. And he designs homes? A beautiful province like BC deserves a house that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb. Nice back yard though

  5. This is not small at all

  6. Oh hey! I've been watching tiny home videos and accidentally stumbled on this. I live in Kamloops.

  7. I love the comment of "Less to Clean", that's where I'm at now. I don't like extra things just sitting around collecting dust and taking up room.

  8. 200 sq Meters is about 2100 square feet.  That's not really all that minimalist.  The cabinets to hide their stuff might seem minimalist, but all it really is is clever storage.

    Still, what we did see of it was a beautiful home.

  9. nicole mcwilliams

    This kind of home is extremely common, in the Okanagan it is being seen in a lot of the newer builds. Its very simple but I don't see what makes this house stand out from the rest? 

  10. In most european country's this is standard.

  11. I like minimalist, but not to the point where my voice echoes. How about some color, or some flowers? I am glad they like it.

  12. He hasn't moved in yet ….

  13. Keleia4YeshuaMessiah

    Thank you so much for sharing this view of your new home!  I would like to know if you have an update for 2014?  How is your minimalist lifestyle working for you and your family today?  Have you made any other changes in your lifestyle?


  15. If your criticizing this man, whom you've never met or known, then your criticism is simply translated as "I'm another youtube heckler."

  16. I must not know the meaning of minimalist home…

  17. True that. Minimalist does not refer to the size but rather in the essential design. I can have a small 100 square foot home but if filled with life's excess rubbish then it wouldn't be considered being a minimalist. Possess what you need, and so everyones need will vary, but it's the idea that counts. 

  18. Capn' J. Ballarms

    Dear God the comments are full of idiots, the reason its so empty is because they haven't moved in yet fucktards.

  19. I love the concept of minimalism, but this is a fucking joke.

  20. George .Montgomery

    That's about 2100 sq feet.  When was that considered small?????????

  21. He is a minimalist that has not yet moved in. As mentioned in the video its still being constructed

  22. if thats minimalist how big are the fucking houses normally O_o makes me sick imagining.

  23. I would rather have a smaller 600sqft home that looked homey and comfortable than this larger (of course they have a family and I don't so there is nothing wrong with the size of the house, it's just not minimal) home devoid of any color. That large white room is not open and airy, it's cold and lifeless.

  24. The deck and outdoor kitchen count too as living space when the place is advertized for sale that is for SURE. With that young son, it will be cluttered after about a month after they move in that is for sure!

  25. an empty home doesn't mean a minimalist home. this is a full service home with all the creature comforts of the 21st century. once they move in, it'll be filled with "stuff"

  26. The use of "minimalist" and "zen" in this context is ridiculous, but this is nice architecture and kitchen design.

  27. That home is gigantic. Maybe he was inspired my minimalist design, but that is not a minimalist home.

  28. are you sick? this is minimalist?

  29. i also agree

  30. It is minimalist architecture, but I agree that it doesn't really embrace a lifestyle of minimalism.

  31. Minimalist eh? How much is the mortgage?

  32. Clean but not minimalist.

  33. since when is 222 square metres considered small? Thats huge!

  34. I'm cleaning again this week and it's great to get rid of stuff. My country recycles pretty well now — the furniture is repaired and resourced, very little is so damaged it has to go to landfill. I am not nuts about housework and it's way easier when there is less stuff. Also, if I haven't used something in a couple of years, it's probably going to serve someone else and I ought to give it away, sell it or barter it. 🙂

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  36. In France, this house would be considered a palace. A lot of people still live in one room stone rural cottages here — that's the whole house, for a family with many children. It's been quite surprising for me as an American — but I've been French and in France for nearly 20 years now and I understand, taxes are by the square meter whether you own or rent, TV is taxed, and they try to encourage fuel economy and being "green," so small is necessary.

  37. I see your point. It does depend on the climate. We just rented a tiny house on the French Riviera (Cap-Martin, right on the Blue Beach) and we only ate inside one evening when it was chilly — the whole rest of the time was spent in the four terraced gardens. The house really only works for a couple, however — the owners are husband and wife, and my spouse and I have no children. We found it liberating and even with some cold, rainy weather, the place is so workable and lovely.

  38. Hiding your junk and mess in the nice closet doesn't make you a minimalist !!!