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How To Think Like An Architect: Designing From Organic Form

Santa Barbara architect Barry Berkus shows us how an organic form can provide inspiration for designing and drawing a building. Berkus demonstrates his preliminary thought process, producing the raw and unrefined drawings that begin the conceptual stages of design.


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    Waste of Coptic ink…

  2. How’s named that papper?

  3. Hussain Shihabdeen

    anyone please tell me how to produce technical drawing for the complex shape design buildings i mean abnormal designs like Architect frank gehry building designs

  4. I hope he knows how to build it.

  5. Terrible drawing skills

  6. Seems many would prefer something straight forward handed to them.

  7. Thank you )

  8. I am a civil engineer and I want to become a architect. What should I do for?? Please help

  9. I wish my profession was as easy as crumpling up pieces of paper and charging a fortune for 'originality'.

  10. Excellent concept ☺

  11. thanks alot mister .

  12. drawing paper and construction! ok where computers are not that flexible! great thx you. r.c.

  13. what marker brand are those?

  14. Rodrigo Albuquerque

    Frank Genry

  15. Interesting..

  16. he is trying to say that you can get inspired on everything .sometimes we think a lot of days to have an idea for design but sometimes the idea comes to us like* when we are walking when we are dreaming .. basic things can be a step for our designing process

  17. if more architects think like barry over here, the world would be a lot harder for engineers. Cause engineers are the one that realise the dream.

  18. Wow I am really surprised by how many negative comments there are here about the credibility or effectiveness of his design process. I loved the video – I think what Berkus was trying to convey was how loose and flexible the design process should be at the concept stage. The piece of paper is simply a tool to get the imagination going and from there it is allowed to develop into something else as new ideas emerge and his hand moves on paper. This design process isn't even only unique to architecture, it is the essence of all design – translating inspiration to form in an interesting way. I am a former structural engineer turned interior designer so I know about making the 'bones' of a building strong enough. It may be a challenge to make such a design work but a good engineer welcomes the challenge and in turn uses this creative momentum to push the vision further. Anyway, long story short, fantastic video on finding and developing artistic inspiration. Technology ABSOLUTELY has its place but it is not in the concept stage.

  19. Your sketch sucks.

  20. The paper isnt what made the sketch. it is merely a tool for the architect to open his imagination, And pour his ideas onto another paper. Without this stimulus anyone would find creative thinking nearly impossible. A poor architect would not, and will not be able to make good use of this. A thinker will be able to compose an idea with function while looking at the seemingly shapeless paper.
    It comes to you in the moment of chaos, a bit of the beautiful truth. And all that was missing is already there. Inside of the mind there is light, it will shine. And that light will show what was missing.
    "All the information we need is already in our heads, only waiting for the day we wake up". -SJ

  21. Lmao shit architects hated this video because they lack imagination, they are slaves of technology. His way of conceptualization is unique. its astonishing. when you conceptualize in 3d that's not an architect, that's a graphic designer. idiots.

  22. Lovely

  23. lmao the architects in this comment section need to chill!

  24. Hello sir I am from India. I am start to learn aerchitcture. Me and collage friend thinking about to professional aerchitcture think to and students think differently students draw only sguare house then professional aerchitct all time draw something different tip of building . Thank you sir for make this video

  25. Let my retort: a piece of paper which you bend, draw a copy of that paper in form of a building, put a new piece of paper on top of the sketch, and try to make it more and more definite. You are building stone upon stone.

  26. no context

  27. As an architecture student, i am more considerate about the amount of space than the form of my design. Ofcourse cinsidering the fact that it should be aesthetically pleasing as well, but I always analyze the function first before I delve into the concept of my design.

  28. I hate to tell you commenters below that you are absolutely wrong and that you are misunderstanding everything.

    And why should you understand?

    Art and creativity take such a backseat in our public education We have only been taught that you circle the right answer or you are stupid. In creative endeavors, there is no right answer to circle. If we don't learn to be creative and open our eyes to the importance of art, then others cultures that do realize the importance, will take the creative lead for our future.

    You cannot 3-D plot something unless you first create something to put into the plotter.

    Why are we not taught to be creative? Art is not about pretty pictures. Do you not see the giant success that Steve Jobs has passed down as an example to show us the way?

    We hold the marvel of the iPhone in our hands not realizing that with the technology is mixed with a generous dose of art and design.

    I am an architect and I can tell you that this guy is exactly on track with what we need to demonstrate as an example to follow. It might be too late for you to understand but I would encourage you to teach your children the importance of art as it will cross into all solutions for a positive future.


  30. So… just some random shapes is all it is, great! everyone is a fraud.

  31. I'm a freshman in high school and I love everything about architecture so I find your videos very useful I practice sometimes on computer and paper

  32. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  33. Sorry to break it to you… but you can do all of this on the computer, it might even be easier on a computer then paper.

  34. devoid of context, functionality, conditions, and scale. architecture of fantasy

  35. You can do this on a computer, it's called layers.

  36. Second Eden Studio

    I'm an architectural designer and I teach architecture to high school students. Your videos are fantastic for explanation! It would be great if you would do a video about how to make a sketch model. Thank you for posting!

  37. Thank you, assignment nmin ito sa Humanities 1 (19-702P)

  38. It's amazing, seems easy make architecture.

  39. Awesome, superb…

  40. All the hate is just proving the point on why not everyone is a good architect.

  41. organica forma are good when are created from nature, Architectures aren't natural but artificial…so maybe is not a good idea to imitate nature or create strange forms..don't have sense (my personal opinion)

  42. Honestly all star architects sketch to this day and direct is all monkeys their resolved design, simply because they are faster then us.

  43. Sigmund Ramsbottom

    Thank you for the wise words.

  44. What's the kind of sketchpen he is using???

  45. this is an insult for all the real architects

  46. History states.

  47. even this kind of dinosaurs architect still working…new architects and new idea can't comes!

  48. This guy is a shit architect