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How to Style Your Kitchen

Styling your kitchen with the right decor can make a serious impact on your home.

We’re revisiting one of our favorite remodel projects to show you how to style your kitchen!

Kitchen styling is all about form and function. We’re sharing a few of our go-to tips for creating a useful space that looks great too! We cover counters, the island, stove area, sink, and even how to tackle open shelves.

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  1. Where do you put your rice cooker, blender, kettle, microwave, etc… (all those high tech but ugly applicances). Put them away would be impractical since I use them almost every day. My benchtop is always so clutter because of them

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  3. Annie Moulin Steffen

    Pretty beautiful seems quite unrealistic. This kitchen is huge ans de can't try things if we want to decorate by ourselves without thé help of à désigner.

  4. I remodel my kitchen and did not do upper cabinets. I cannot figure out if I should tile whole wall, no tile etc.. can you do ideas with no upper cabinets. And with no shelves as I have so much lower storage I do not need shelves..

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  14. a estas chicas les falta leer un buen libro y dejarse de hacer el imbécil colocando tonterías en una cocina ajena. Si viven de ello, espero que inviertan su dinero en algo más honrado porque esto que hacen es una soberana estupidez sin mérito alguno. Basta ya de ostentación, si invitas a gente a tu casa, es para estar con ellos no para restregar lo bonito que lo tienes, que parece que es lo que se propone este tipo de gente. Basta de superficialidad! una cocina ha de ser práctica y punto. Soy arquitecto y harta de estas mier**s

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    Could you please tell me what kind of dark blue the lower cabinets are ?

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  22. There'd be a lot of spatter from the stove surely? Those wooden items would be covered in oil eventually… The wicker lampshades also would absorb oil..
    Ok if you're styling for sale

    The White is nice 😃

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  24. love this! it's aesthetic and functional. however, I have lots of appliances and other things that typically take up counter space (kitchen aid, espresso machine, toaster oven, knife block)… do you have advice on how to best utilize space for these?

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