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  1. Actually, the minimum US/North American standard depth or interior walls is 4" and exterior walls 5 1/2" – 6" depending on area zoning. Either can be thicker depending on surface and construction materials/treatments, internal mechanics, aesthetic and engineering needs. Just sayin… So novice folks watching won't be confused if they see or creating other layouts where the walls look/are thicker… Otherwise, really good tutorial!

  2. I love your voice, it sounds like the mammoth from ice age

  3. Deon Van der Westhuizen

    Great video, but are you still using feet and inches and stone pebbles?

  4. Hey I have a question, would it be too late to change careers from nursing to architecture? And how would it be possible? If anyone could answer, thanks.

  5. I like the video, but couldn't help but think the way you offset the walls may lead to some measurement errors down the line. Basically your 13'8" wall wasn't 13'8" after your offset. I read a few comments and seem to be repeating others about the issue, so more importantly, I wanted to say thanks for the video. I downloaded the program right after watching.

  6. Just a note…Wall thickness varies by region. Here in the South, standard construction for ALL walls, interior and exterior, is 4". Six inch wall thickness would only be used if requested (there would be a significant up charge for this) or for a wall where extra space is needed between the sheathing for something like duct work. Otherwise, 6" walls are not commonly used.

  7. bro mr hahn i love u and miss having u as a teacher man. i also miss sketchup

  8. Thank you, this video really inspired me to get over my depression. I want to thank you again for all the hours of sketch up that has kept from doing anything i would regret. Tim Hahn you are a true inspiration!! <3

  9. Tim Hahn, i have made a floor plan in the free version of sketchup. How can i print it to scale?

  10. Is this Ray Romano? you sound just like him, lol

  11. a fair idea to begin… and you are a great teacher.

  12. Mr. Hahn, now slap a dimension on those rooms. I have a feeling you are going to be about 4" short of your spec.

  13. Um, i have made an observation: If you adjoin rectangles that are the exact size the rooms are supposed to be, but then move their perimeter in to make walls, the rooms are no longer the size they are supposed to be AFTER construction, for example, if you draw a rectangle 12' x 13'8", but then move the lines in 2 inches all around, that room becomes 11'8"x 13'4". I see this issue was addressed below by Adam Macer, but ignored. Doing it this way will create problems for overall dimensions. Your exterior "footprint" lengths and widths will be short by the thickness of all interior walls, in addition to all interior lengths and width of room sizes being off by 4" each direction.

  14. Hi sir how to make interface like yours, my sketchup interface not like that? Btw i use sketchup pro 2016 and windows

  15. Wonderful tutorial thanks a lot!!!!

  16. Team Zoned - eSports

    Thanks for helping me understand this better.

  17. Thanks for the tutorial. For us beginners, it's not clear from the video where you are typing the dimensions!

  18. what if your client want to change or edit the floor plan. How can you go back to the predesign phase just as the floor plan design?

  19. Thank you!

  20. james kutty Joseph

    Nice .your intention is very clear that is" To teach properly "……. WOW.

  21. Thank you.

  22. in tell igent man

  23. great vid tim–thnks–have a question
    could one just import your plan (any plan)–create a trace layer–trace the plan and then scale it to a given plan dimension to get an accurate full size or real world scale ??