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  1. taking an engineering class as a seventh grader 😬 low-key struggling

  2. … See available floor plan in firstfloorplan.com you also download 2D plan (AutoCAD file).. It's free…

  3. She's left-handed like me! Hello and Thank you, fellow member of the Brotherhood of Left-handed Creative People!
    ….ok i made that up! But i like the video! 🙂


    Thank you soo much this really cleared up everything

  5. Wow very informal video. Thank you!

  6. Thanks so much!! I used this for class and it worked so much

  7. Siri!! How do you draw a floor plan!?

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  9. 1.5 speed lol

  10. why is she reading so slow like a robot or siri

  11. thank you , but just a quick question the windows are not made of the same material than the walls , why didn't erase the space before putting the windows??

  12. Is this supposed to be multiple rooms/ living room?

  13. Thank for this video

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  15. أجمل التقنيات

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  16. Where do we get a grid paper template?

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  19. please 10th class drawing ki scale kaise bnate h iske bare m batao

  20. I want to be an architect when i grow up. I really want to be an interior designer/ decorator. But i thought, hey well being an architect allows you to design aswell. And since i have a family company in construction, its really double the gain. So, here i am. Becoming self taught before i even finish highschool. If anyone can reccomend me a site or a chanel to help, would be much appreciated!

  21. interior design ideas

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  22. Lol thx i got a perpect score on my drafting class

  23. Detailed plan

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