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How to Set Up a Home Media Server

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Streaming from Netflix and YouTube is great, but setting up your own personal home media server has tons of benefits.

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  1. hey guys i want to use one hard drive at 2 computers once with the cable , how can i do that?

  2. Thanks to The Pirate Bay for sponsoring this video!

  3. do you need a router for a NAS device or can I connect it directly to my desktop PC and use my prepaid wifi?

  4. So Linux Tech Tips promotes stealing. Ok … DCMA compliance?

  5. I've had both Seagate and Synology NAS, but both weren't powerful enough to convert most videos in Plex.

  6. Instructions unclear
    Have a PC that falls of the desk that when turned on and when on ground it runs away

  7. Chromecast + raspberry pi with libreelec. That should do it

  8. Unfortunately, I am not a tech nerd like you guys are 🙂 I am planning to put my parents CD-collection on a NAS which is connected to a router. I would like to stream the audio content to their existing stereo which only has analoge inputs. There used to be media servers (like WD Live TV) etc…. they seem to hhave ceased to exist.

    Any Ideas how to do this?

  9. plex is the best media server app. period. It also has a built in database of movies, tv shows, music, etc. It shows my movie info, poster, artwork, cast, rating, etc

  10. Is it possible to distribute media on Nas to small community over long range WiFi.

  11. Today media size is huge, especially 4K or even future 8K or more, merely 2 x 12TB Seagate BarraCuda Pro Hard Disk are barely enough to store, I've almost use it up finish…Can't wait someone release mega TB storage soon at affordable price!

  12. Odroid HC1 is $50.00, add drive, load NAS software, configure done.
    If you are into hifi sound, transport with Raspberry Pi 3B+ ($30.00), and an Allo Digione transport ($100). You will also want an iFi iPower wallwart ($50.00) for the RPI3.
    You will have spend over a $k to improve on this system.

  13. NAZ, like Ztorage

  14. I found the wink found at @2:15 to be overtly sexual in nature.


  15. Great, thanks so much Linus

  16. Brought to you by Seagate:
    Step 1. Buy WD hard drives.

  17. Asshole is barking like a dog…. waste

  18. 2:26 cough petabyte cough

  19. Forget Synology NAS, there a brick! And if eventually you do get it to work then I wound't be able to trust it

  20. Thor Jarl Berglund

    Wtf… This is not usefull at all!

  21. The Drew Coleman Team

    What if we're looking to set up an NAS on one network (at home), but be able access it from another (at work)?

  22. Rip homegroup

  23. Creeperboy and friends

    This would probably help me big time with animation… My laptop’s hard drive is suffering from all of the PNG frames and programs won’t load properly.

  24. Young Sheldon is a waste of resources and time.