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How to Install Base Kitchen Cabinets and save $1000’s of dollars

How to Install Base Kitchen Cabinets with Adjustable Feet from Lowe’s


How to install base kitchen cabinets.

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  1. Do you have any videos on how to install base cabinets that are to be placed in front of a window that is lower than the top of the cabinets / worktop level? Do you have any tips on how to install them? I need to totally rearrange a kitchen and I need to put the sink in front of a low window.

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  3. I just started installing cabinets would you really recommend that laser

  4. Ugh. Particle board? That’s why they’re cheap. No thanks. You get what you pay for.

  5. great video . I you just gave me an excuse for a new tool the Dewalt laser level.

  6. Your a true Canadian contractor, almost every video has a "Tim Coffee Cup" somewhere. Perhaps you should see about some sponsorship?

  7. Also make sure you plan for the under cabinet lightings before you install any backsplashes!!!

  8. This guy is awesome for a DIY person like myself to watch!!! Thanks!!!

  9. That freaking tip you showed at the beginning to flip the tie over and just rip it off BLEW my mind. THE AMOUNT OF TIME IVE PUNCHED MYSELF IN THE FACE TRYING TO RIP THOSE OFF.

  10. He's a Two, oops a NINE. GREYT.

  11. Great Video thank you very much for putting the time in to make these I really enjoy your channel I have learned a lot

  12. Are these type of units new to america? Theyve been in and around the UK for years.

  13. Great tips. I think the quick grip clamps would be really helpful holding the cabinets together. I bought a Bosch laser very similar to this one in the video (2 lines). If I had to do it over again I'd spend the extra money on the one that throws the vertical laser (3 lines) up to the ceiling as well which can replace the use of a plumb bob for doing steel stud tracks and stuff like that.

  14. Why can’t I find this brand in California?

  15. Masterg Samuraixmen

    Shit cabinets i lean on it they break lol

  16. Even faster way to install these cabinets and save more money is to attach straight piece of lumber to wall same height were is cabinet underside/bottom and only use plastic legs on front side. Then lift cabinet on top of that lumber and then adjust front legs to match floor screw them each other and after that screw them to wall studs.

  17. I LOVE the fact that you have your son learning and taking in all the knowlege you've gained as a contractor! Man! To be able to be an apprentice under you would be PRICELESS!

  18. Jeff, your channel is addictive….IN THE BEST WAY!

  19. Possibly do a video on making rustic wood cabinets? I'm planning on making rustic cabinets in a small kitchen in my garage apartment your tips would be awesome. Or rustic cowboy style bathroom? With rusty corrugated metal and fence pickets

  20. Great tips Jeff!