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How to Feng Shui Your Home | Interior Design

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So the whole idea of feng shui is very personal, but there are some basics that you can always implement in your home. Remember that dead plants are bad, never good. Anything dead is bad chi, so stay away from dead plants. Make sure that there’s clutter off every surface. So you don’t want a pile of papers all around you ready to fall on you. Keep it light, keep it airy.

It’s pretty basic you would think, but you’d be surprised how many people don’t listen to that. So keep it light, keep it airy. Make sure your plants are alive. If you have animals like fish and things like that, again those have to be alive too. Make sure that your space is light filled. Everything seems clean and you just have unobstructed views. Another element to really be aware of, because it’s really big in feng shui are poisonous arrows.

What that means is just anything pointy facing at you or even your neighbors. So just be aware when you have little objects around the home or your light fixtures, that you don’t have anything really just facing at you and pointing at you. It means bad chi for you, so just remember to be aware of what doesn’t feel right in your own space. It’s very personal and just stick to who you are, and what’s true to yourself and keep it light and airy, and those are pretty much the basics to go on.

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