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How to design like an architect | A modern home

A follow up to Doug’s first How to design like an architect video and his Design a Dream Home video series. More about the design methodology Doug teaches at the Architect’s Academy, click here

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  1. I like Architect and my hobbie is draw to a building

  2. The requirements to be an Architect extends way beyond being able to draw an object. Compliance with Standards, regulations, ordinances, planning conditions, site conditions, social and cultural contexts, budgets, work health and safety, structural resilience, industry constructional conventions, ecological and sustainable building materials and processes, energy efficiency, embodied energy considerations….etc.etc This is on top of the visual artistry and functional efficacy and balancing a clients personal desires and needs.

  3. Put a box in the landscape. Make up story about the "flow" of things. Engineers to actually make it work. Job done.

  4. Reality check – Most clients have a budget, and that was something this video did not address at all. Yes the process is great, and the design is cool, but more often than not, a budget has a HUGE impact on the design. The key, and challenge, is to create a really nice design that meets all of the who, what, where, and why within the client's budget.

  5. If was the designer of this home, I would have put at least 2 supports underneath the home to help keep it from falling or at least show that it has a support underneath.

  6. Humans need to be grounded- not hanging in space.

  7. That "house" looks like a monstrosity. I guess every "architect" is different.

  8. - Alexmegamind -

    I am big baby and this help me good boy

  9. Structure of the cantilever doesn't make sense to me.

  10. Not Josh Radnor,Ted Mosby LOL

  11. MY GOD! What was the design at 0:15?! I would LOVE to know the name of that design!

  12. the architecture shos that the practicing is doesnt matter of that type of architectural plans of a house very beautifull drawing

  13. Let's us be civil to each other and honest at the same time. I am not an engineer, but a registered architect with great structural knowledge. And would be happy to test that any day aginst any contractor or structural engineer. It is very important to be knowledgeable about how structures come together and stand up but no architect needs to calculate the exact size of a column or a beam. For that, we have structural engineers and or old fashion size tables. Today most a simple program can replace a structural engineer's tasks on most projects. But to me, structural engineers still have a place at the table when they can use their expertise and be part of the design team. Now we well know that not all architects are created equally and some need more help from their engineers but it is very wrong to say "architects only imagine and engineers build it". In my 20 odd years of experience, I have never seen an engineer building anything on the site. Artisan, by the way, I noticed that you are not an engineer!

  14. Allan Barwood fishing

    Ted mosbe ??

  15. Keira Delos Reyes

    I want to be an architect but I'm worried about the math but I'm more worried about what's gonna happen to me after I graduate. Like am I gonna work right after college? Is math really important in architecture? My drawings are mostly anime is that bad? meh… I still have like 4 years till college…

  16. Did this house got built ?

  17. amazing work done by architect

  18. Could you make an older house

  19. i like architect

  20. i like architect


  22. The fact that all those buildings are in the state where I live ?

  23. manikraj ghatkamble

    thank you sir

  24. When i grew up i want to be an architect but idk if i have enough money for architecture

  25. I want to be an architect when I'm older, I watch videos all of the time. I like the way how they think and what they do. I actually design my own homes. I was wondering does anyone have any ideas on what to do to increase my chances of becoming a architect? Like whether to watch more videos or what? Any answers would helpthanks 🙂

  26. So where is this house? trying to google it.

  27. gotta compete with at least 120000 other architects yolo

  28. I little misleading title, but nice video

  29. i want to architec…..pls teach me how to architec

  30. sir, plz make some tutorials or something for students also !

  31. okay, i am currenty thinking about becoming an architect, i love beautiful architecture, and it is something i imagine will become more and more interesting the more i learn, but i have so many fears about it… questions like; am i creative enough? innovative enough? observant enough for this kind of work? i see incredible structures all over the world, not just the historic and extravagant structures, but also the modern ones, they come from so incredibly talented people and i do not yet have the confidence to say that one day i will be that good…

    I am a pretty good drawer, and i love it, but i am a copy machine, i can draw a close to perfect replica of a picture of someone or something, but every time i try to create something new, i never know where to begin, what to draw, and it feels like my creativity has disappeared… And also, i am afraid of doing work where other peoples futures are in my hands (one of the many reasons why i will never be a doctor), if for example i create a house that seems fine enough on paper, but when it is time to live in it, the layout will be unsatisfying or impractical, and because of that impractical solution, it will be difficult to renovate the house, or to sell it, and therefore they are stuck with an unsatisfying and impractical house for the rest of their life…

    i may be overthinking things though…

  32. Mohammad Alenezi

    Hi Doug,I saw 'Villa K' on the Architizer app. And it looked a whole lot familiar to me, I did some digging and found out it has a lot of similarity with this cool design. Also I''m cerious, what happened to this design?
    AlEnezi Designs

  33. I wonder how are you going to support the cantilever built part. How the structure works?

  34. thankyou for good videos

  35. Richard Baratheon

    What about the support of the building from the slopping area?

  36. This guy's got some serious uptalk. XD

  37. Architect Carmela

    Beautiful solution Doug ??

  38. I am a newish concept artist for mainly for game, film, and animation; and in my field we have to wear many hats designing everything from plants, clothing, vehicles. furniture, cities, to individual buildings as well as the story(props) of the lives that live in them, and often times these need to be built in the real world; so it is really wonderful to have videos like these from specialists in each field, I don't know what I'd do without you

  39. So, did they actually build it?

  40. thanks a lot ?

  41. What a lousy design for a house. . . just connected boxes?? Did they even need an architect to come up with that design??

  42. Woahh, does the house have enough support to do that?

  43. It is important the home is a liked home.

  44. I badly want to be an architect but thn i m worried that it may be look what it is . Anyone here doing architect would like to know how it is in detail please ?

  45. Minecraft/Creeper/Gaming Mar/MCG

    when i was in college in 2013 i watched this video to be an architect and now i have accomplished it thank you man for this video

  46. I seriously love this design it is amazing

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