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How to Design an iPhone X App (iOS) – Adobe Xd Design Tutorial

With the new release of the iPhone X & iPhone 8, we must know how to design an app using Adobe Experience Design (Xd). FREE Adobe Xd download file is located here: https://sellfy.com/p/SFzL/

Original Thumbnail Mockup made by Anthony Boyd — https://www.anthonyboyd.graphics/

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  1. Hello, I just get into XD. Just want to know after you export the files, how to turn the document into workable app in iPhone?? what software should i use??

  2. Can i download this app it looks really nice

  3. A developer making a design video, perfect. Should I prototype for the largest mobile screen first or does it not matter for developers? Ideally I don’t want to create 3 designs (iPhone 6,6+,10). I also don’t want low quality graphics on larger screens if I design for the smaller screens first.

  4. Hi,

    How do you get your art board image on the phone in your thumbnail ? Is it photoshop or an element of the design program you’re using ?

  5. Seems like XD is for prototyping the design, not the coded ios version. So is it a waste of effort? Can the assets be used in the final version? Can XD behaviours improve coding workflow?

  6. how come people dont use sketch anymore..?

  7. Appreciate ya effort, but dude… that's not iPhone X

  8. hello I have a question for u. how do u implement your design from adobe xd into a full fledge application

  9. Would be interested in seeing how you would incorporate banner adds in to your designs.

  10. how to use this app into a mobile

  11. What's the custom size for the iPhone 8 instead?

  12. this tutorial is absolutely amazing man. i'm not an app designer but the way you explained things kinda make me want to haha. liked

  13. keep it up.. your channel is really helpful.

  14. Shafiuddin Ahmed Tareq

    Hi, Do you have any online course?

  15. what is adobe xd cost because i could not find on internet

  16. Why xd over sketch?