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How to Design a Kitchen – 330 Year-Old Victorian Home Renovation – Bob Vila eps.2403

The Victorian House: http://www.bobvila.com/articles/2036-the-victorian-house/pages/1
Planning Your Dream Kitchen: http://www.bobvila.com/articles/355-planning-your-dream-kitchen/pages/1

Contractor Charlie Tomaszewski and crew are hard at work moving the front door of the main house to accommodate a new entranceway. In addition, Tomaszewski is using an air-driven palm nailer to finish up work on new support beams.

Bob meets homeowner Julie Graham, who is working with Faith Allen from Merillat to create the new kitchen layout. Across town, Bob tours the Isaac Royall House.

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  1. That type of home needs a grand entrace. What was Bob thinking??

  2. Bob's wife's name is Bougain

  3. I can't belive that all built with wood! Where is concrete?

  4. IckyStickyMickleman

    How is it a victorian if it was built in the 1700's?

  5. i like how they passed off the fact that he built his fortune off being a slave trader, like it was nothing.. i was like WTF?!… you expect me to just ignore that

  6. Kevin МАРУСЕК

    The tour of the Royal House makes me want to visit

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