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How To Cozy Up A Modern Home

In today’s video I show you certain things that I incorporate into my home decor in order to achieve a cozier look in my mid century modern home.

Hope you enjoyed and thanks for watching!


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– P R O D U C T S –

Wood tray-West Elm
Sofa Table- Local store, similar styles on Etsy
Beige Throw- West Elm
Striped Throw- Target
Woman silhouette Art- Kirkland’s
Abstract face art https://goo.gl/AwuzPn
Vanity Chair- ebay “Hollywood regency chair”
Cesca Desk Chair- https://goo.gl/yCUZx8
Candle holders- HM home
Pf Candle co candle https://goo.gl/NBkp6c
Cereal magazines https://goo.gl/gAKrr6
Throw pillows- Etsy & HM home
Penguin classics books
Amber vase- Etsy
White curatins- Ikea https://goo.gl/a2v7Rp
Woven shades- selectblinds.com https://goo.gl/uCJ6tw


– M U S I C –



– F A Q –

CAMERA USED▹ Sony A7R with 24-70 mm Zeiss lens
FONT USED▹ My hand lettering (if calligraphy)
NATIONALITY ▹ Cuban-American, born & raised in Miami

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  1. You're too pretty

  2. Exposed wood always brings a sense of coziness.

  3. Triple 8 Development

    An essential oil diffuser can make the place smell really nice and add a theraputic aspect to the air! You can use different oils to create specific moods in the place whenever you'd like! Although I suppose the frangrance candles can do that too.

  4. Rugs make the home cozier too and plants 😊

  5. Your house is gorgeous, so inspired.

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  7. …exactly what I was looking for ✨

    The main thing that makes your home so incredibly warm and inviting is the wood that is already there though… 🙈

    My additional tip would be checkered plaid or throw pillows, that gives a farmhouse vibe as well but is not that versatile.

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    Heyy I just posted a redoing my room/bedroom tour if anyone’s interested!! ❤️❤️

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    I really enjoyed your site..a lot of people can learn from you….I agree

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    Are your curtains white or cream?

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    I am a guy and I am blown away with your artistic design!

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