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Try these 10 tips after watching the video and let me know in the comments how your home feels!!!

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  1. Wonderful tips. Going to take the quiz now. Thank you!!

  2. Some presents I got from an ex that had the worse debilitating energy and sucked mine to the point I got sick I got rid off. I don’t care about the price and I always told him I didn’t t like that Cartoon character and he insisted after we ended it. He gave me some clothes also but that I kept cause I like it and it doesn’t give bad memories or the creeps so I gave the collectible to my mom that has a co worker that loves that character and it’s a collection piece in a nice box but whomever got it can have and enjoy it lol….

  3. Love your ideas!

  4. Omonike Efunyale

    Great ideas! Thank you!
    Also, having more lights changes the energy of your home. In the morning, the first thing I do is open up all my blinds. If weather permits I open up my doors as well, letting in fresh air and more light in my home. Of course I have a security gate, so no one can enter.

  5. Love these tips, thank you so much.

  6. I just discovered your youtube and have been watching your videos a lot lately and I just love them. I love decorating and you have given me so much inspiration and ideas. Thank you.

  7. That top you are wearing is gorgeous!

  8. Karlene MacDonald

    Wow…..you are the first 'non healer', person to suggest the clapping in corners to shift stuck energy! As a energy healer, this is something we do to clear and cleanse energy in a house. Energy can build up and stick in sharp corners, areas of a building and literally stagnate or swirl constantly, causing unsettling, depressive feelings in people, and they don't know why. This is also why you sometimes may see an animal, (cat, dog), staring or barking at the corner of a room for 'no reason' that is perceivable to humans. They 'see', and 'feel' that stuck, swirling energy, which, by the way, is made up of electro magnetic energy, just as we are, which is why we always 'feel' uneasy in a space but can't quite put our fingers on why. Sound can shift energy, and clapping is a great, easy, cheap way to do this. Your mum must've felt energy really well.

  9. Sophie Wallace

    Hi there! During the course of this video you totally inspired me to finally get rid of my CD collection to the local Charity Shop near me. I never have time to listen to them anymore, so why still keep them? Thank you for prompting me to do so. By the way there were about 250 – 300 of them! Great tip about cleaning the doorknobs – my next cleaning project.

  10. Anna FitzGerald

    You are such a genuine, un-selfconscious teacher. Love your energy & your information!

  11. I just found you & I'm sooooo glad I did 🙂

  12. Oh Baiyina, Did you ever look into the Dyson fan blade? Don't need to mess with the window 🙂

  13. Maura Alia Badji

    i LOVE those earrings! And another great list.

  14. Hi there I only been subscribed to you for over a week now and I'm just loving your channels, I'm going through your videos as we speak and I thank you for all the hints and tricks that you're giving out I'm feeling a great Vibe with you.

  15. annemarie duggan

    Great tips putting a lemon in each room really helps too. Lemons draw in bad energy. You have to keep an eye on them and change them before they go bad.Someone told me that years ago and it really does work

  16. I want to get all new door knobs, but I thought it was crazy

  17. The is witchcraft, using sage. .

  18. Yoli Malele Kolisa

    Thanks for your videos Baiyina. i like you a lot. You speak well but….you take time to get to the point……please don't take offence but we only have so many minutes to spar

  19. Colleen Catlady Hardesty

    Great video!!!! You ALWAYS energize me!!! I've missed you!!! GOD bless!!!

  20. Reiki helps.

  21. Buttercuploves

    Thank you for your videos! Interior design, for me, was not interesting, then, it was, much like "The Matrix" movies. I enjoy seeing the changes you're making to your home as well. I also enjoyed your "DTLA" shopping video and the process you went through with the planter purchase. I'm digging your vibe!

  22. Corrie Claiborne

    I love your earrings! Can you tell us where you got them.

  23. Genevieve .Everdeen

    Love your videos. I do some of the things you mention like boiling seasonings like cinnamon,wiping the doorknobs,cleaning,repositioning the furniture etc.

  24. I enjoy your videos so much. Our own energies ebb and flow continuously, they're triggered inadvertently by others as you've said, so why wouldn't our environment. I agree about scents, I have Lily of the Valley, it's not my scent it's grandmother's but it gives me comfort when I spray it. I also like plants, they just bring positivity.

  25. Currently Earth

    Love this! Very motivating. Practical things I can do right now. I knew one or two of these but had forgotten. I love your energy Baiyina. Thanks for sharing!

  26. Great video thank you so much

  27. Jacqueline Mitchell

    Always great advice. Love your energy and truly love watching your videos, since stumbling upon your channel two-(2) months ago. Don't ever stop. Great work!

  28. Elizabeth Fuentes

    Great tips! Love your energy! Subscribed.

  29. Baiyina, I don't know if you've seen them…there are drum shaped ceiling mounted lights that have a fan in the drum part. The blades are hidden within the drum. Might fit your style? They put out great air movement. Home Depot, Lowes.

    Thanks for the advice. Off to follow it! Have a great day!!

  30. Hibiscus Angel

    Love your home! I definitely collect cardboard boxes

  31. Rupssi Rani Mishra

    I like the future wall idea most

  32. Love💜
    Thanks so much, I’m totally using these tips!!!
    …and you already know, those earrings are EVERYTHING!!!

  33. I love your energy and fresh perspective on everything. None of your videos ever feel hollow – they're so genuine, which is so great. 🙂

  34. Angelique Robinson

    I plan to spend a big chunk of this weekend cleaning walls. I've noticed cobwebs in several corners including the master bath, which leaves me with a yucky feeling every time I see them…bad energy. Let the clapping begin!!! Thank you!!!

  35. Thanks. Love the clapping idea, and yes, cleaning details like door knobs (and ceiling lights) is huge. I kind of disagree with using pinterest to get an overall of what you like, because their software is directional; meaning, if you pin three pink things in a row, they will start throwing extra pink things in your viewing list.

  36. I thought that beeping was in my house!

  37. No all my notifications are on but I don't get a lot of my notifications you're not the only one that I don't get notifications for I think something's up with YouTube I don't know but I love you anyways and you have a very calm soul that makes me feel calm so I love you girl

  38. Animals, Nature, Beauty

    Thanks Baiyina! Just what I needed to get motivated again! We just had some rooms painted and getting new carpet ( wanted hardwood but sticking with carpet for now). Am excited to add a new coffee table, haven’t even bought it yet, and to rearrange the furniture for a fresh look. You look awesome!

  39. Rainbow Citizen

    Best, best way to clean a room of bad energy. Throw some sea salts. Pink salts on your carpet or rugs. Let it sit for 30minutes and then vacuum. It really is a great cleanser of negative energy. I do it in the spring and fall season.
    I also use my singing bowls and or our captains bell.
    Oh and always sage the house.
    Okay guilty, I'm mystic.

  40. Alexandria Hardy

    Thinking of redoing my bedroom, so this is perfect! Thank you for making great videos! 😊

  41. Great info — thanks for the reminders, as well new ideas!!!