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How to Choose Paint Colors

Choosing paint colors for your home can be quite a challenge. Learn tips for selecting the perfect color that’s right for you and your space from professional interior designer, Noelle Parks. More “how to paint” information may be found at http://www.dunnedwards.com.


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  1. I like her voice!! Nice explanation

  2. Okay I need some help I am moving to a cold climate and I like bright colors and colorful colors, I have wall decorations that is nice and colorful but I can’t find a paint that is going to match my colorful decorations I was thinking white but I am scared it will be to bright do you have any suggestions?

  3. Reporter is beautiful.

  4. “Red is the most passionate colour.”, “Orange is full of action.”… incredibly scientific information. Did you find this out from double blind studies, or from a peer reviewed paper?

  5. Well, as of now we are very confused and have hard time thinking what to paint on the walls and ceilings… and we just focus first on what is the elders favorite color (grandma and grandpa), since it is an old type/design of house…so, we gone to blue(daughter's fav color), green(grandpa), orange(grandma)… and the house has sentimental value, that's why grandma choose green and orange combination on their room😅 now, how we will do that now?

  6. Which colour will look good with rose mint?

  7. Very educative.
    Thank you.

  8. for beautiful painting work please call 7416415882

  9. I like the three tester squares at the end. Do u happen to know the colors?

  10. Where is all the variety that is in the whole world except America, where gold, silver pearl, all sorts of bronze, shiny colors? The feeling that everywhere for a hundred years ahead live! !!!!

  11. Sophia vs The Universe

    Terry from glee?

  12. hey hey I have a full confusion for choosing a Paints for my house so please help me

  13. Avarage Commenter

    Bad advice. Forget the word "warm" colors because with bad lighting it can look really dark and not cozy at all. Use strong colors in warm places such as africa, mediterranean or any tropical places. Use light "cold" colors with good lighting in colder places. But it's not a must either, if something looks really good, then go with it.

  14. … Might as well color my room rainbow..


  16. Never paint the sample on the wall people. The blue tape will leave a ridge when you pull the tape off that will telegraph thru any new paint layer. Plus it will have to be painted over by primer. And if you get distracted and don't paint, your stuck with those paint squares for months. Paint it on poster board and move the sample around the room.

  17. What are the colors in the bedroom at mark 1:36?

  18. I only paint one color in every room white!!

  19. Maria L. Rapaglia

    SHE SAYS THIS: CHOOSE WARMER DARKER COLORS IN COLD CLIMATE AREAS (areas that have more cold months during the year than hot months) & CHOOSE LIGHTER COOLER COLORS IN WARM CLIMATE AREAS (areas that have more warm months during the year than cold months). This is because the warmer darker colors will absorb & retain heat better in cold weather while the lighter cooler colors will not absorb & give off the heat inside the house in warm climate areas, keeping it cooler inside.

  20. what color goes well with light gray furniture

  21. What color was at 5:30?

  22. Creat And Funy Video

    my room is small I think that l color it light blue it is good choice

  23. what the hell I can't find the explore the color tools at the website.

  24. I have to pick 3 colors to paint my room because it's divided

  25. This didn't help loll

  26. I want kind of a vintage look to my bedroom, I was thinking a very light olive color but do you have any other suggestions?

  27. Lunar Lauren #42

    What colour is at 1:25? It's really pretty

  28. hi thanks you for this informative video. I have a little room but with lot of dark wooden furniture what colors would you suggest me to choose??

  29. My room is very small but I'm planning to paint it light pink. If that's a bad idea, do you have any other suggestions??

  30. my living room and dinning room are in the same room, what color should I paint the wall?

  31. Hello guys. What would you suggest for my room? I'm planning on making it both a studio and bedroom. Thanks!

  32. Tommorow i will paint my room electro orange

  33. what color is the bathroom at 2:oo minutes.

  34. Pro Painters Brisbane

    This is awsome maybe I come this way visiting you

  35. tell me 2 color for one bed room +study room too help me to select

  36. great now i know what color to pick in my sims wall ^^

  37. i love you and your videos .thank you

  38. We have this big hall which we will be using for dining and living room, our living room has brick walls on two sides of the room , for that I bought Classic Liberty Red (kind of brown with reddish undertone I think).. an antique (light brown) for one biggest side of the wall and for one wall in the dining, I chose orange. (all from dulux) .. In total using 3 colours. Is it going to look good all together? ..I can always buy new paint and use the old fr other rooms.. if you can give some suggestions

  39. Pause at 6 minutes WHAT COLOR IS THAT?

  40. Surabhi Kottilingal

    Hi, I have oak windows doors and furniture in my living room.And the flooring is white coloured tiles. which wall color look good for the walls?

  41. PrincessSarah Balasan

    May i ask if what color are great for metal gate? Thank you 😊