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How to Build the Cheapest House on Earth – Video Explainer

Find out more about the wondrous M2 modular home: http://culture.pl/en/article/the-cheapest-house-on-earth

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  1. More like the most expensive small house ever!

  2. Do you ship to USA?

  3. ..

  4. Ok I wish there was an online store or something that would be awesome .

  5. Not cheap at all. Look on their site.

  6. Nice video. However you should take instructions from woodprix website if you want to learn how to make it easily.

  7. Where I live it's cheaper at 250$ per sq meter.

  8. I bought instruction from woodprix and I build it very very cheap.

  9. Could u give us a email to find out more on the cheapest house

  10. Give us more info plz plus do a video on the house

  11. How can we get plans. To build the cheapest house and what kind of materials u use and the plans for a bigger house let me know and will give u away to get in touch with me

  12. cathy's sp0rtie, f00die didoda music

    525$ per m2?
    What the! Thats u0e

  13. sound effects are way too loud

  14. Let's check woodprix handbook if you want to make it cheaper and better.

  15. Let's go to woodprix website, if you want to learn how to build it yourself.

  16. Shantel Fullerton

    Enjoy woodprix woodworking instructions.

  17. You can make houses this size way cheaper lol

  18. This is not cheap.

  19. You can buy a fricken travel trailer for less, and tow it anywhere. Hookups for water/power/sewer? Well, that is the issue isn't it for all these 'cheap' ideas.

  20. I have an urge to purchase this house and put it on a piece of land I own..

  21. fking shit

  22. Tudah Rbah (thank you very much, in Hebrew). Before I leave, let me tell you, the real Name of the Creator is Hayah asher Hayah, as in Exodus 3:14. Also, we are to do the 7 appointed times, as in Leviticus 23.

  23. 525/m is definitely not cheap.

  24. It looks like a prison hole. No way I'd live in that.

  25. Living With Snerkel

    Went to the site and still this tiny house info goes on without explaining how to order one or provide any sales/shipping info.
    I smell a scam.

  26. Turn the music OFF

  27. im guessing they haven't been to south africa and seen a squatter camp

  28. Sentient Android

    wait im not polish how did i get here