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  1. Great job bro

  2. Seems to be more about showing off than building a roof but whatever. Good job.

  3. dand made me quesy,lol

  4. who knew that bruce lee became a roofer???

  5. that is actually high up there. everything seems not okay and unprofessional.

  6. I'm guessing you're just doing the framing and not the siding and all that, but is the intention of those 2 by 8's on the lookouts for the soffit to be be attached to or will other framing be done for the soffit to hookup to?

  7. ! ! Are expensive houses so rough to be built?

  8. yea…..this is not even pretending to be safe……delete video!!

  9. Well done,ya made (1)truss
    And worked like hell to make a living
    As the rain cloud going overhead
    Slow down
    Order one truss
    Make the others ,simple as
    As for the height,and no safety scaffolding
    It’s a numbers game,los los Vegas
    That someone who does this for several years ,
    May fall off that slope
    And ya never the same ,and all that cowboy
    Banging up,we call this
    Bang up boys,cowboys
    Or shinnys (new trucks ,no brains
    Don’t get me wrong
    Work hard yes
    But one day ya gonna get old ,
    Let me see ya do that at seventy

  10. hmm seems like a Card board house if u ask me.

  11. This is one crazy mother fucker …..
    Knows what he's doing and is crazy enough to do it …

  12. Hey man! I wish I can watch to the finish. My palms are so sweat stopped watching in the middle. Thanks for sharing a great video. Cheers!

  13. when i built our shed i used a plan from WoodBlueprints. Com and it had all the blueprints, supplies, materials, and list well laid out for me.

  14. Nice job!

  15. Patrick Williams


  16. You forgot to tell them why you didn't fall 3/4 back on layout.the sheets r under 8' so technically it doesn't matter.but if your going to make the video do it rite…

  17. GoldenShaolinNutz

    Much Props Bossman! Taking the first measurement, If it was me. I woulda bent down to mark and flipped over, By the way….umm…wheres the net at the bottom. =)

  18. You r too crazy, I dont think I like you

  19. Wtf!!!

  20. Bro, don’t need to take chances. I like the work but not the stunt. One slip it takes, use safety harness please.

  21. You need a tether on that nail gun. If you were to slip and fall the nail gun would be damaged.

  22. "it should hold me" Indiana Jones that bitch plank.

  23. 10:10 horible go pro distortion.

  24. Watching you work stresses me out

  25. Awesome work

  26. whatchya call those metal joint plates?

  27. As soon as the camera came on i knew i could never be a roofer. But great job! Also do u ever miss with that nailer i did exactly what you were doing holding the board behind and not once but twice a nail went through the 2×4 and got me in the hand : ( fear not, i am a tough guy and it did not hurt very much o.O well not when anyone was looking. Excellent video mate. Cheers

  28. No safety whatsoever. I know that you must be a good roofer or you want to show your clinbing skills, but doint all of these on a roof top without safety!!! People should be aware of your very UNSAFETY PRACTICES. You are practicing "Death From a Roof Job" as per say.

  29. Man wow u r legend brave hero

  30. wtf hes never tied off?

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  32. I figured out how he keeps his balance. The secret is having a pair of big brass balls tucked in his pants. This lowers his center of gravity to his mid point giving him maximum control and balance.

  33. Video should be called how to install pre built trusses. You didnt build a roof. You nailed trusses that were built somewhere else. Thanks for wasting everyones time

  34. I just had several heart attacks kill me already.

  35. i guess thats the end of ole mortise and tenon then little wonder why things fall down

  36. Greyhaired Phantom

    In Australia you would have to set up a scaffold and netting to do your roof framing, along with rails etc. Adding a billion dollars to the cost of the job. This is due to a government beaurocracy gone mad with power in our Country

  37. crazy monkey

  38. crazy loco