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How To Become A (Self-Taught) Interior Designer / Decorator / Creative Professional

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whimisical and bright girl’s room design from Home Made Simple

elegant outdoor dining room design from Home Made Simple

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  1. I really hope this inspires and informs you aspiring professional Creative Weirdos out there! Let me know if you have any more questions! Remember that your unique, creative voice is worth sharing always 💋👔🔮💡🦄 Love, Mr. Kate

  2. Fine then, since everyone wants to be technical. I want to become a professional Interior DECORATOR. Exactly what Mr. Kate is doing 💙 She’s the best of the best.

  3. Hi Mr. Kate! I'm a waldorf kid too! I just knew you were as well. Loveee lovee love your designs! <3

  4. Bethany-may Whorne-Hemsley


  5. hello my name is callee reimers i'm doing a interior design project for my gifted class and i would like to interview you

  6. Being an interior designer is an awesome job, you change peoples lives for the better, adding a sense of purpose to a room and allowing the clients to be in a happy healthy space.
    Our App will allow you to help with the finishing elements of any room; allowing you to take a picture and see the items in your specific room set.

  7. Here are some tips for those of you considering the field of Interior Decorating/Design:
    First thing first- If you're going into this field know the difference between an Interior DESIGNER and an Interior DECORATOR. You cannot call yourself an Interior Designer without accreditation, in certain States/Provinces you can be fined for this.
    Second- you'll never do mood boards for clients if you're professional- you may get the odd client ask for one, but don't go into a meeting with a mood board unless you're in school and or presenting to a large group…It's all about renderings- get to know AUTOCAD or Sketchup Pro.
    Know your stuff! I worked for five years in a paint store selling paint, stain, wallpaper, furniture, blinds, fabric, custom drapery etc…It has elevated my ability to give sound advice, and clients respect that and seek me out because of that. I also worked for a year in a high-end tile store, designing bathrooms and kitchens with other designers and retail clients. This taught me a lot about harder textiles- including tile application, trims (Schluter) and what looks good together and what doesn't. It's also super beneficial to have a customer service background. It will only help your career. I find that's where people lack skills, not in design aesthetic, but knowing how to handle clients-specially difficult ones- and build a rapport with your clients.
    Learn building codes, and how to read blueprints. Also, I see a lot of Designers/Decorators with really bad math skills- learn how to calculate sqft and how to take measurements. I also find knowing how to calculate yardage required for fabric projects and wallpaper a helpful tool. Its made things easier for me.
    You're never going to graduate and be a full-on Designer/Decorator right out of the gate, so you might as well work part-time in a place where you're going to learn practical skills that will only help you in your career. Look at local decorating stores like paint stores, window covering stores, furniture etc.
    I also worked in Film as a set decorator, it wasn't glamorous at all- and the days were very long- I wouldn't recommend this path unless you're okay with being married to your career.
    I'm 31 now and I spend my entire twenties educating myself and setting myself up for a successful career by continuing with my education even after graduation. Only now am I able to finally work full time (comfortably) as a designer- which is rare in my city.
    Those of you looking to start upon graduating, try and get into work with a big builder/contractor company. Oh! And Network, network, network!
    Best of luck XOXO

  8. I'm just about to go to college next year been very serious about becoming an interior designer for years I've been told though that I should get a degree in business management and marketing as well as an interior design certificate if you see this what are your thoughts on that

  9. Literally before I heard about u I wanted to be an interior designer and now I have the best advise ever thank you

  10. MY DREAM JOB!!!!

  11. I'm all about the art field. I've been drawing since I can remember, but I love to decorate my room & the rest of my house. To me it's just more fun, drawing is very time consuming. I've been watching you for a few months & you're doing exactly what I want to do with my life.

  12. Please post more videos like this!! I’d love to know how to create a mood board in detail . Xo

  13. Hi I'm studying interior design at the university in Jordan it's my first year so u made me fall in love with my choice more than ever so thank u very much and I hope one day I will be like u ❤️thank u

  14. Hi I'm studying interior design at the university in Jordan it's my first year so u made me fall in love with my choice more than ever so thank u very much and I hope one day I will be like u ❤️thank u

  15. Hi I'm studying interior design at the university in Jordan it's my first year so u made me fall in love with my choice more than ever so thank u very much and I hope one day I will be like u ❤️thank u

  16. Hi I'm studying interior design at the university in Jordan it's my first year so u made me fall in love with my choice more than ever so thank u very much and I hope one day I will be like u ❤️thank u

  17. Mr.Kate you forgot to mention The Art Institute another option instead of College.

  18. Hi I’m iona and I’m so inspired by you I’m 11 years old and I have already decided I want to be an interior designer I love you so much and you are so inspiring to people like me

  19. Hi Kate! My name is Cassidy, I’m 13 and from Indiana. Nobody here really care about interior design like people do in California or other big exciting places. Do you think I could still work as an interior designer from here? What are some tips you have about that?

  20. I LOVE Mr. Kate and her creativity, BUT this video is deceptive: Mr. Kate's father is the CEO of STARZ and a multi-millionaire. She has more resources and connections in the industry than many of us will ever have. Not to diminish her talent at all, because she is amazing. Just pointing out that it is not as easy as she makes it sound, especially to become an actual licensed designer. That requires years of school and interning. To say that I can wake up tomorrow morning and call myself a interior designer without education is not only delusional, but it is illegal. Again, I don't want to come off as sounding like a hater, this is just a disclosure before you quit your job and move to LA.

  21. KWEE EIGHT TEEV ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  22. woooow love itttttt

  23. Hey Mr. Kate! I really love you and everything you do, but this is really frustrating as an Interior Design student. There is a widespread misunderstanding that interior decorating and interior design are the same thing, and they’re not. To become an actual licensed interior design you need to have 4 years of education in a CIDA accredited program and two years of workforce experience before you can even take the certification exam that is multiple days long. Please consider this when you call yourself an interior designer!

  24. I'm sure someone else said this already, but your definition of interior designer vs. decorator is absolutely incorrect. An interior designer has education, accreditation and a thorough knowledge of legal building codes in the state in which they practice. An interior decorator does not require an education. Both are great but it's like a nurse and a doctor, if you are a nurse you shouldn't call yourself a doctor.

  25. As an interior DESIGN student MYSELF I beg you to stop calling yourself a designer just cause it sounds better. You are NOT an interior DESIGNER! You're a decorator!

  26. oh look 6 pages of description and 8 minutes of useless stuff. You go girl you earned that dislike.

  27. Carlotta Pasquariello

    People are such haters Jesus!!! Anyways I loved this video thank you so much,you really give the tip for start and understand more what is all about!!!! I really wanna start this carrier!! I just move to California from Italy, and I'm just in love with all your video. So I hope I will make it one day, and in case I'll do it is thanks to you too, you are so positive and inspiring! SOOOOO thank you thank you thank you!!!

  28. Isabells Coseplayer DIY and more

    I wanna be like Marinette from Mirqcculous ladybug

  29. Thank you so much this really inspired me.

  30. Alexies Jean Ballesteros

    who else here want to be interior designer but can't draw? no one? just me? oh okay

  31. video starts at 8:00

  32. You inspire me so much… i love you sooooo muuuch!!!

  33. This video was awesome and love your personality.

  34. How boring…..me, me, me, me…….empty, nothing…

  35. can you make a video on how to make a portfolio… please

  36. u do a lot of talking, u stay too long in the camera. i thought u r creative, creative people watching this video needs visuals. all i can see is your face. sorry.