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Modern Minimalist House Designed For Young Couple and Their Pets

Modern Minimalist House Designed For Young Couple and Their Pets. This property is known as ...


  1. Christine Barber

    I LOVED this video! I just cant figure out where your dining room is? I hate my dining room and the table I feel like it never looks simple and always is a clutter collector. Is it in your kitchen?

  2. Sooo pretty

  3. Your home is darling! So, I’m struggling- I feel like my home is 80% cohesive and decluttered, but I’m having a hard time getting it to the next level.

  4. Another great video! Love your color palette – some of my favourite colours too 😊 Your wall hanging is just gorgeous – love it 💗

  5. I love your bedspread! Where did you find it? 😍

  6. Hi, where did you buy the baskets for your boy's toys in your living room from? Thanks

  7. i love your house .its so cozy and comfy and minimalist as well.

  8. Your home is beautiful ❤️❤️

  9. Beautifully simple, I love your cozy home! I think the bathroom is cute and it fits the house.

  10. Your home is lovely. Keeping the same colour scheme throughout brings it all together. For such an old bathroom, you have it looks so nice (minimalism is wonderful isn't it?) Without having done so consciously I've kind of done the same thing with most rooms having beige neutral walls with green and blue accent (except for our bedroom with has light blue walls and neutral furniture/bedding.

  11. Yes the kitchen looks better with the shelf x

  12. Momma Schmooze Homeschool Reviews

    I actually love your bathroom!!!

  13. Forgiven and Redeemed

    beautiful home!

  14. Love your style! Definitely helped me get the wheels turning in my head about how to create cohesion, coziness and personality in my home while maintaining minimalism! I think my colors are oranges, light blue, Sandy taupe with a base of white and natural wood.
    Is the wool cushion homemade or store bought?

  15. Your home looks great. I love the chair in your bedroom. Very relaxing colors and natural light. Just a suggestion put the art work in your back entry way. I think it would look nice.

  16. Love your chairs (one in the living room and one in the other room). Where is it from?

  17. Hollie Mackenzie Photography

    Love that clothes dryer/airer! Where's it from? Like a piece of art! 😆 love your home!

  18. I find your bathroom sweet and functional and really like features and the pink. I particularly like the plant with it's touch of green.

  19. Thankyou for showing us the finer details of your home. You and your home are my favorite for inspiration xxx

  20. where is your dish rack from?

  21. I absolutely love your home and am finding you very inspirational in my journey towards a more minimalistic life (further away than you, but I’m getting there!!!)

    One thing I noticed is that you don’t have any lamps in your lounge room. I find what makes my house most cosy is having gentle warm lamps on in the evening instead of the top lights. How do you feel about that?

  22. Really pretty and calmy feeling. Love it

  23. Your home is so lovely. I love each and every video you make.

  24. A colour theme! That’s what makes your home “flow” I have cleaned out quite a bit but you have made me realise that the colours are essential to tie the rooms together. We certainly don’t need anything new but as I replace the essentials I will head in the same direction. Thank you for what I call “a game changer”🙌

  25. I love the touch of the plants in the home it adds a nice color. I love the shoe rack too! the bathroom is very cute! xx

  26. A lovely simple home. Xxxxx.

  27. Love it! Would really like to see your artwork and prints that you used to sell

  28. Jessica Derstine

    Have you heard of "The Nester"? Nestingplace.com. She has a book and whole course called Cozy Minimalism. It's fantastic!!!

  29. Tracey Go Lightly

    These are great tips. Your videos always resonate calm and your home reflects that. Kind of an odd question, but do you like your vacuum? I need to replace mine and am looking for one that is cordless but also detaches into a handheld. 😊💛

  30. This is such a dream of mine. A breath of fresh air! I feel like I may never get here. I just have so many little things and stacks and so much I don't even know what I have. It really isn't a whole lot compared to some but it seems it because my home is so small.

  31. I love your color palette ❤️ I’m no longer lacking the motivation to declutter my home. I feel inspired by your videos. Thank you, Bayley!

  32. Really great video. I love your house and all the little touches you use to make it so special

  33. Your bathroom may not be your first choice but honestly I think it is gorgeous!!! 😍I love it! I have had to paint my bathroom that putty colour- if I had found the fittings in that colour I definitely would have picked them. But white ones were the next choice so now the walls are putty pink instead.
    Your home is just so lovely. It’s so warm and inviting and relaxing. You have done a really good job of putting together and editing it. Making a wonderful home for your family.
    I really love the wall hanging you made, it’s beaut! I just feel a little anxious about it in the kitchen . It may be your preference because it brings texture and warmth to at room that is often ‘hard’ but it feels quite vulnerable in that situ to me. But the cool thing is that you get to do what you want in your home and my opinion doesn’t matter a jot! Great video as usual! Thankyou for constantly inspiring! 😊xx

  34. Thanks for showing us around. Your home always looks cozy. ☺️

  35. Your house has good bones and character of its own! What year was it built? Our home was built in 1912 and the character allows me to decorate less and let the house shine more on its own. 💛

  36. I still love your kitchen sink…I am forever getting water everywhere around my silly little sink 😣 The pink sink and tub go with your house 😊 I have ugly green tiles if that makes you feel better 😜

  37. I love that shelf

  38. Catherine Jackson

    Such a good video. It really helps that you explain the thought process behind what you chose and did. Thank you so much! I love the way your house looks. I always feel so calm looking at your house!