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How I Found the Best Home Recording Software and home built studio equipment Design setup tips

http://www.eComputerRecordingSoftware.com Best Home Recording software ,design and Home built studio equipment setup tips

Hi I’m David Campos and Welcome to my studio
today I want to talk about home recording software and home built studios
this is a subject very close to my heart
I actually grew up in recording studios…..

Best Home Recording software ,design and Home built studio equipment setup tips . Visit my blog http://www.eComputerRecordingSoftware.com

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  1. Those computer monitors were already 15 Years old at that time!! I think the success he claims and the studio of his dreams do not reflects in this video.

  2. great

  3. and the winner is…..

  4. Did'nt want to hear an autobiography, just get to the point. Waste of time !

  5. great thankyou

  6. Oh how I wish I had not clicked the link for this pointless, rambling video. Not only was it devoid of any interesting tidbit of information, but now I have to go and listen to Led Zeppelin to hear the rest of Cashmere and get the riff out of my head.

  7. This video is not a tutorial it is to show how he found the best daw….read the title people.

  8. It's absolute torture listening to that music loop. I found it impossible to continue to the end.

  9. Hi David: Thank you for your inspiring video. Been a long time messing about with this technology with no result; financially or creatively. Just shot a video of my studio reorganization. New beginnings. All the Best.

  10. Check the date. This video was made 3 years ago and he would have purchased his equipment before it was made.

  11. I am an expert in music production. After countless hours of research I finally found the #1 program for music creation ever created. please visit my channel and find the link I posted for this software

  12. you lost 3 minutes from my life

  13. 3 minutes into it and still no tutorial!!!… just egotistical blabber!

  14. "Me Me Me Me!"

  15. your dream studio includes standard def CRT monitors? LCD or LED monitors would look better, give you better resolutions and don't bathe you in radiation. They also offer smaller/thinner bezels which would work better for a multi-screen setup. Seeing those dinosaurs is making my inner techie cringe

  16. Any suggestions on recording LIVE music using the NEW Windows 8, and eliminating the incumbent latency issues…???

  17. Says who..?
    Seriously how can YOU state something like that?

  18. im up to about $13000 in equipment.check my page.feel free to leave questions. its expensive,but i buy as i go.

  19. Can you make an intro for me with my name and shit? add me on skype and we can talk, konrad01carlsson

  20. Hi my name is Junia I saw your video It was interesting And I hope that you could give me some advice Because lately I've been getting the wrong information Datona me that I need to spend millions and millions of dollars just to build a room So hit me up on my email junior10460@yahoo.com

  21. its very expensive !!! :O

  22. im going to mac for recording case microsoft miss it up for music studio case the pc needs more power to run things for any daw out where mac takes less power to run it strang its bad i look it up on like adobe,audacity, and other ones it calls for more cpu i got win/7 64 bit 4ram i3 and was like now i got power not it calls for more cpu to even run audacity shit program see the point lol look like mac and linux win case it only take 64mb ram to run and 300 mgh cpu for mac and linux to run it

  23. man this guys legit, the imaschine app and beatmaker app has changed things for me!

  24. joh!! afrikaans???

  25. my music sounds really good i use Audacity virual dj free