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House Tour: Stunning Luxury Modern Country Home

Designer Karin Bennett takes you inside this modern abode located an hour outside of the city. See how she achieved an elegant yet easy-going feel, perfect for entertaining family and friends or kicking back during the weekend. A tonal palette with pops of wood and matte black adds a sophisticated touch to the contemporary home, and especially the kitchen and bathrooms. The open-concept great room is the ultimate gathering place, thanks to the natural stone fireplace and ample amounts of sink-in seating. Plus, Karin shows how she used dry-wall boxes to replicate wooden rafters and beams on the ceiling for a budget-friendly alternative to a covetable design feature.

Designer: https://www.karinbennettdesigns.com/


Contracting – Rose Building Group, Bathroom Tiles/Hardwood – Eden Tile It, Kitchen/Bathroom Counters – Stone On The Go, Kitchen Cabinetry/ En-suite & Main Bathroom Vanities, Great Room Bookcases – AJM Installation, Kitchen/Bathroom Fixtures, Powder Room & Third Bathroom Vanity – Watermarks Kitchen and Bath Boutique, Lighting throughout – Concept Lighting Group, Great Room Rug / Staircase Runner – Anderson’s Carpet and Home.

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  1. Did anyone notice how many times she says Real or Really? A LOT

  2. Like a featured home in a magazine

  3. Perfect

  4. Maha Alabduljalil

    It’s gorgeous!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 thanks for letting know my taste name (modern Colorado) 💙

  5. Denise Benjamin

    An amazing design 😍

  6. I like it but the way she talks is annoying. Sorry!

  7. I LOVE everything! EVERYTHING! 👏🏼

  8. Rostislav Iskandarov

    When we see a pretty blonde in silk bathrobe we expect that in the middle of the video in the master bedroom two black men will appear to make the roomtour much more interesting.

  9. Sorry, didnt like it. While it is high end, this home seems cold and lacks character. It doesnt look like anyone lives there.

  10. This is my favourite design on H&H so far, absolutely love the entire space.

  11. Leneufcinqcergy

    The laundry/mudroom is going to age horribly with the pattern over-saturation (wall and floor tiling).

  12. Annoying GD music!! Had to ditch!🤬🤮


    Such a beautiful home. Great job!

  14. How big is this colossal

  15. Sooo nice to just look round these homes without having the owner go through every single item in the place..when all u want to see is the over all look!! This is such a beautiful home. Love from Malta😎

  16. Perfection!

  17. D Ishappywithlife

    This reminds me of a whistler cottage. The family must be minimal, bit boring but some people don’t like colours

  18. Love so much of this house. Love the kitchen. So warm and inviting. Anyone know where to source those laundry backsplash tiles?

  19. 🤩 nice nice nice

  20. This is a lovely space and I love the long-format video. So glad you're bringing this back (feels like the old TV show where I learned so much!). Keep up the good work. Love, love, love.

  21. What color stain for the floors in the kitchen and the cabinets?

  22. The best video ever in this channel 👏🏻

  23. This is perfect – something to aim for in my renovation!

  24. Candis Carnegie

    Beautiful house decor, but I swear if I see one more faux white sheep skin throw rug in a house tour I am going to SCREAM!!! The only thing I would comment on is needing more counter space for folding clothes in the laundry room.

  25. Political Twinkie

    So many pretty things but if not for the black and wood plus stone fireplace  the space feel starved as if one is suppose to look at it, but not live in it.

  26. Georgina Blackwell

    love it love it 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  27. I truly think this is the nicest converted home I have ever seen-and I look at luxury homes all the time-bc I am either going to redo mine or buy/build a new one! wow!!!!! I wish you could state prices for the changes.

  28. Goooorgeous home!!! I do wish the narration had been about 6 minutes less, a little overdone. At least credit where some of the materials and products are from if a room is going to be discussed for that long! Love the style and design of it all though!

  29. Станислав Королевский

    Hi, I really enjoyed your video. I want to share a link to my app for design. I hope it will be useful for you. https://apps.apple.com/app/id1118657164

  30. Marie Grace Floral Co.

    It's stunning! Thank you for sharing!!

  31. Jannett Webster

    Beautiful Simply Beautiful ❤️ all of it.

  32. The house itself is beautiful

  33. The kitchen is so beautiful

  34. Dear house and home team, this was you best video ever! I loved the house, the project and the designer, but , especially I LOVED the length of this video. It's wonderful when we can see the whole house instead of only one, two or some of the rooms in the house. Thank you for this beautiful video, I watched it on my TV instead of my phone and the image was great. I love your channel so much!

  35. Finally got understand what luxury really is..

  36. This is beautiful but from a practical perspective… who the heck needs a house this large?

  37. Lissette Lozada


  38. It just drives me nuts when people use the word home when they mean House.  House is an object.  It is a construction in wood, Glass, plaster etc.  A home is a place which has an emotional appeal for an individual, a family etc. The words are not interchangeable and the use of HOME for the object HOUSE only seems to me like some real estate agent's catch word to make a space appeal to people as a marketing ploy.

  39. Veronica Thomas

    I love this house… It’s so beautiful…

  40. 13 mins well spent like if you agree

  41. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭❤❤

  42. The Simple Farmhouse

    beautiful design! I love how it feels casual yet elegant.

  43. Antoinette Craig


  44. Naomi Frederick

    1. Kitchen design is divine
    2. Dining room
    3. Family room
    4. Black windows

  45. This really is a stunning home, so much attention to deal. I would have preferred the two chairs in the master bedroom to face the fire though instead of putting them in the window area facing towards the bed. The mix of white, black and pale wood throughout the home is perfectly balanced. I enjoyed listening to the lady giving the tour, her pleasant voice and enthusiastic manner was poised and not over the top as we so often hear in house tour clips.

  46. Astried Silvanie

    Wow love it