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House Tour: A Comfortable & Contemporary Home

Step inside a nearly century-old house by designer Allison Willson of Sarah Richardson Design, where clean lines and natural materials pave the way for a comfortable-yet-contemporary space. See how a neutral grey palette with pops of twilight blue and relaxed furniture create a formal-yet-cozy atmosphere in the living room, kitchen, dining room and spa-like master suite.

See more of this home in our August 2018 issue, on newsstands from July 2.


Living room: Armchairs, RH, Restoration Hardware, 1-800- 910-9836 or rh.com; sofas, Montauk Sofa, montauksofa.com; throw pillow sewing, drapery sewing, Wesley Seto Design, (416) 538-3223; coffee table by Martha Sturdy, Hollace Cluny, (416) 968-7894 or hollacecluny.ca; white side tables, Burnett, (647) 347-9344 or burnettstyle. com; table lamps, Elte, (416) 785-7885 or elte. com; chandelier, Residential Lighting Studio, (416) 537-3138 or residentiallightingstudio.com; artwork, Canvas Gallery, (416) 532-5275 or canvasgallery.ca; floral arrangements (throughout), Earthwork, (416) 703-7910 or earthwork.ca; chaise longue, 1stdibs, 1stdibs. com; black side table, Design Within Reach, (416) 977-4003 or dwr.com; drapery fabric by Kravet (to the trade), kravet.com.

Breakfast nook: Banquette, Sarah Richardson Design, sarahrichardsondesign. com; chairs, Design Within Reach, (416) 977- 4003 or dwr.com; table, Cabinet, (416) 923- 9234 or cabinetfurniture.ca; artwork by Michael Adamson, michaeladamson.ca.

Kitchen island: Pendants by John Pomp, Primavera Interior Furnishings (to the trade), (416) 921-3334 or primavera.ca; stools, Sarah Richardson Design, sarahrichardsondesign. com.

Dining room: Dining table, Avenue Road, (416) 548-7788 or avenue-road. com; chairs, Sarah Richardson Design, sarahrichardsondesign.com; chandelier by Oly Studio, South Hill Home, (416) 924-7224 or southhillhome.com; rug, Elte, (416) 785-7885 or elte.com; artwork, Canvas Gallery, (416) 532- 5275 or canvasgallery.ca.

Principal bedroom: Bed, daybed, Sarah Richardson Design, sarahrichardsondesign.com; throw pillow sewing, Wesley Seto Design, (416) 538-3223; bedside table, Kantelberg + Co., kantelbergco.com; table tamp, Kelly Wearstler, kellywearstler.com. Home office: Sofa, Montauk Sofa, montauksofa.com; armchairs, Avenue Road, (416) 548-7788 or avenue-road. com; coffee table, Commute Design, (416) 861- 0521 or commutedesign.com; rug, Lee Jofa (to the trade), 1-800-535-3258 or leejofa.com; chandelier, Elte, (416) 785-7885 or elte.com; throw pillow sewing, Wesley Seto Design, (416) 538-3223; wall colour, Moonshine (OC-56), Benjamin Moore, 1-800-361-5898 or benjaminmoore.ca; Armchairs, Sarah Richardson Design, sarahrichardsondesign.com; coffee table base, West Elm, 1-855-860-1082 or westelm.ca; coffee table top, Cabinet, (416) 923-9234 or cabinetfurniture.ca; tall vase, Elte, (416) 785- 7885 or elte.com; smaller vases, (416) 968- 7894 or hollacecluny.ca.

Principal bathroom: Tub, Klein International, kleininternational.ca; marble slabs, Ciot, ciot. com; artwork by Tony Koukos, tonykoukos.com; side table, Hollace Cluny, (416) 968-7894 or hollacecluny.ca.

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  1. Is this Kimberley Seldon's former home?

  2. Dr. Vaishali Dangi

    Gorgeous…….totally the kind I would love to own one day

  3. Stunning home and vision. Great work!

  4. absolutely beautiful home well thought in design, layout and color. great job designers.

  5. BEAUTIFUL EVERYTHING HAS VALUE ITS NOT JUST DECORATIVELY CHEAP. everything looks expensive and Have values

  6. It's gorgeous, don't get me wrong…However, I prefer the architecture & character remain consistent throughout, that the soul of the house remain true from exterior to interior. It looks like 2 different houses – but pretty, nonetheless.

  7. I love white but this is really boring. How sad the inside doesn't reflex the outside style at all.

  8. Light, bright and airy. Gorgeous!

  9. Dwayne G Robinson

    I think the outside is extraordinary and the landscape is stunning. To design the house's interior in such a contemporary palette is quite a bold statement. If I were walking up to the house I would have seen it and been excited to see the inside based on the exterior. However, I would have been disappointed once I got inside. It feels lifeless and safe to me. Perhaps that's what the owners wanted. But hey, To Each His Or Her Own.

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  11. Curry Gaming Inc Gaming

    We create so many lovely homes (big & small) and have great design with many raw or created interiors & exteriors, but using a housing editor on a game we focus on within our channel. I would love to share our ideas for the purpose of creating and design, although our items are limited, but what amazing things we do with them. Please have a look at our homes, I know you can use the material and you will definitely enjoy yourself while you do so!

  12. Nice use of wood, otherwise bland white zero personality. 😕

  13. This is my favorite. Absolutely love it!

  14. kdoismadeofbacon

    I loved this space- great work!

  15. Stunning!

  16. Beautiful Canadian design. Yes, white walls!!!
    So much better than typical "traditional" "country" American design. Or American contemporary with ugly mosaic backsplash. The typical HGTV stuff.

  17. Stunning home!

  18. Would love to see a makeover with no white used anywhere… The designer would have a breakdown

  19. For me, the interior of a home should reflect the exterior, to a certain extent. It doesn't need to be a museum, but the character inside and outside the home is jarringly different. It's like the homeowners are in denial that they live in a tudor-style, which could have been respected in a simplified and modern way. Other than that, everything looks good but the kitchen uppers above the windows look bulky.

  20. hmm.. I am just surprised they let you con-temporize the inside..it isn't at all a contemporary home. clearly..

  21. Just a lovely home, great design.

  22. Boring! Yawn!,

  23. Beautifully designed, love the bathroom and the wooden room dividers!

  24. Gorgeous.

  25. Gorgeous

  26. wow…great house…

  27. Beautiful home!

  28. This is the kind of house dat I wld love to live in. Always bright n calming…

  29. Very boring, lifeless and forgettable. I wouldn't pay any interior designer to turn my house into a dull and bland place.

  30. Zachary Torjussen

    Very simple but chic good job 👌🏼

  31. Jiminy Billy Bob Thornton

    Wow, rich people love sitting down.

  32. Stunning yet a comfortable home. I love everything !

  33. Love the mid century modern style.

  34. too many light colors. can't drink red wine in dat place.

  35. Toby's daddy토비대디

    disappointing clip of h &h

  36. Cathy Lynn Pietranton

    Such a beautiful home and we like what you did to the place. beautiful

  37. Looove the home style!!Such an elegant and clear space!!Well done!!Congrats!👌👍

  38. WOW ! ! THIS IS AB-SO-LUTE-LY STUNNING!! probably my favorite house from H&H. LOVE IT!!!! great job Allison!


  40. Erick Zamicchello

    Amazing home!

  41. The home is just beautiful!!!!! Great, great work!!!

  42. amazing, so clean and nice and so much air

  43. I think this is my absolute fave😍. It's the type of design I tried to achieve in my tiny little house (tiny compared to this beauty) and watching this video makes me realise I still have a lot of work to do lol 😭

  44. lovely, yes, but mostly feels like you're walking into a catalog…like there should be prices popping up in the space near each piece of furniture. but beautiful, inside and out.

  45. Too modern

  46. I adore the way places have been made there own…N the floor plan has been made the best use of…

  47. Stunning home!

  48. Chelsea Clark-Martin

    Another stunner from Allison Wilson!