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30 × 40 West face house plan map naksha walk through in 3D

This is a ground floor 30 X 40 West face house plan map in 3D ...


  1. hi! i can make some what close to this just comment here and i'll try! and it's free!

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    watch my designs and dont forget to leave some comments thank you God bless

  3. mohd. moinuddin khan

    I want to see the internal planning and front and depth area in feet.

  4. Liked the roof deck.

  5. sme i also like that only

  6. I want to see the floor plan please

  7. Is it your house

  8. yeah we want to see inside pls! and how much to build one?

  9. nice…

  10. Hi mr dave could you please make a inside view of this house.
    Thank you

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