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House & Home: Home Kitchen Design Pt. 8 – Reveal Day

House & Home Stylist Reiko Caron and Builder Dave Depencier talk kitchen designs in the final installment of the Home Kitchen Design series. They visit a 1400 sq. ft. two-bedroom open concept home in Dresden, Ontario, where they complete their step-by-step process to building a new kitchen.

When you design a new kitchen or renovate an existing one, the best part about the project is putting in the final touches! This project was a new build, so our team started with choosing the layout; and went with an L-shape layout with a free standing island.

They added a coffee station that will make entertaining guests easier; and a pullout microwave that lives behind closed doors. In order to do this, a licensed electrician was able to install specialized wiring so when the doors close, the power turns off.

The island was a joint collaboration. It’s a very simple project taking four upper cabinets and mounting them together and then getting legs on the sides. It gives it a total different look than the average island that you see all the time.

The countertop is white Wilsonart Haida quartz Q4008, which gives the kitchen a bright marble look.

Initially, the kitchen’s blueprints had the sink in the island, but the team decided to put it along the wall and add a window. Now, it’s a beautiful spot to grow some herbs and get all of this natural light.

No matter how much space you have, there are always ways to create openness and maximize functionality. The team maximized every inch of the cabinets to give the new homeowner smart storage by adding different levels of pullout shelving in the island. Under the coffee station, the drawers have a top level pullout for extra coffee pods or storing your lids. Under the sink, they made space for the garbage, recycling, and cleaners. These shelves can hold up to 100 pounds, so they are durable and can easily store a number of kitchen utensils.

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