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House & Home: Home Kitchen Design Pt. 5 – Flooring

House & Home Stylist Reiko Caron and Builder Dave Depencier talk kitchen designs in the fifth installment of the Home Kitchen Design series. They visit a 1400 sq. ft. two-bedroom open concept home in Dresden, Ontario, where they continue their step-by-step process to building a new kitchen.

Once a house breaks ground, it doesn’t take long to take form – and now, it’s ready for flooring.

But before you buy, there are a few things you need to consider:

1. Lifestyle: do you have children or pets? Is it a high-traffic area?

2. How easily the floors will scratch: if they do scratch, will the scratch show up very easily or will it add to the character of the floor?

Pale floors are very trendy right now and really brighten up a room. Also, they’re a perfect contrast to dark furniture. Medium-tone floors are often seen in traditional and country homes. They’re very forgiving and really warm up a space. Dark floors are very elegant and they’re perfect for modern or traditional spaces. But remember, dark floors do show dust so they require a bit more maintenance.

In high-traffic situations, some laminates (http://bit.ly/2gCR1SD) offer the longest wear. Laminates can stand in for a lot of other materials like stone, tile, or wood and they can be almost indistinguishable from the real thing. (Wood laminates: http://bit.ly/2k8v4Nx)

To get the best product for your needs, make sure you ask about the thickness, the durability, and the life expectancy of the flooring you’re thinking about.

This team chose Rustic Oak laminate (http://bit.ly/2hjWiys) for this project, as it actually looks like real wood flooring and it’s strong and durable. The laminate is 14 millimetres thick, and the tongue-and-groove click system has a wax coating on it that makes it seal up nicely.

With floating floors, it’s very important to have an underlay (http://bit.ly/2h3Eloj). The underlay acts as a vapour barrier between the surfaces as well as helps to absorb the sound.

The most common way to install flooring like this is in a straight staggered pattern. It’s the most cost-effective and the most straightforward to install. When it comes to flooring direction, the most popular way to lay planks is along the longest length of the house instead of the traditional way which would be from the front door through to the back of the house.

Most flooring materials on the market today combine low maintenance and durability, which are important qualities for consideration in your kitchen. Home stocks Natura Laminate and Hardwodd Floor Cleaner, a nautral solution to keep your floors looking brand new for years to come (http://bit.ly/2gbeLAX).

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