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House Design and Plan With Blueprint – Unreal Engine 4

Email: apex1989@qq.com
Executable Demo Download Link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1eRFKT7G password: qm5j.
If position exception occur, press U to reset position into the house.

House Design and Plan is a demo for architects, home designer to communication with user. It includes model and material libraies which you can customize your home whatever you like.

• 3D Move and Rotate Gizmo which enable you to move and rotate model.
• Model Library which you can easily add, delete model.
• Material Library which enable you change the floor, wall and model’s material.
• Scene Save allow you to save your plan.
• Support VR mode and you can use motion controller when enable HMD.
• FPS View & Top view supported.
• Interaction: Open door, sliding door as well as open TV.

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  1. tutorial please !

  2. Sir, this is really good one. But I can't download this demo please help me other way like Google drive and thank you for sharing your experience

  3. I'm really interested how spaces can be navigated by clicking on an inset plan or 3d (top down view) model as you have at the end of this demo'. Is it possible you could direct me toward a tutorial on how this is achieved in UE4 please ?

  4. عمر الحربي

    Hi .
    Did you sell the project with blueprint in marketplase , or can i get it by email with blueprints ?!

  5. 哥,百度云密码呢?

  6. How much does the project cost?

  7. Sir please guide me i have been looking into creating home designs in a game engine for years. lately i have been using the old dated Medal of honor mohaa map editor to create houses and its so difficult to create houses in this particular software since its not designed for this purpose but the end result is amazing. i can freely check every corner of the house once it is done the end result is a game like environment where we can explore every inch of the house and see every details. Please guide me if it can be done through some other game engine or map editor software. i really need this information if this software can do the same please tell me. like i can get out of the house see it from the out side get into the roof and see it from there create a landscape arround and stuff like that.

  8. the link for the demo requiers me to sign up for baidu which i cant do becuase it asks me for my phone… can you upload it to another way? mybe google drive?

  9. What's the program's name?

  10. Hi Interested. My email id brayanprogrammer@gmail.com

  11. anyone get a reply from the poster?

  12. Hi Interested to buy this project. My email id saurabh@buildcorner.com. Lets have a chat.

  13. Nazzareno Giannelli

    is it possible to buy the project or at least have an executable demo?
    I am really interested in it.

  14. Fernando T. Calábria

    Nice work.. link to download ?

  15. Hi, is there any tutorial for this? thank you