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House Addition, Layout to Sub Floor

Building a 400 square foot addition. This is the first video in the series from layout to putting down the sub floor. Includes layout, concrete cutting, forms for footing, steel, pouring concrete, removal of form boards, finish coat on the concrete, sills, joists, rough plumbing, insulation, sub flooring.
Take the quiz at https://docs.google.com/a/puhsd.k12.ca.us/forms/d/1Cougc58PMYpSk7d0bE0fA99GzCEHcrQOBZMEgZoSXh4/edit

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  1. drrobotnikmeanbeanma

    What tools do i need to replace a kitchen and bathroom floor and replace it with good wood ?

  2. clifford brown

    not afraid of the rain ruining your insulation. we usually wait till the roofs on..

  3. Looks great!