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Home plan in 37×35 feet plot |Modern Home Design

Welcome to i design studio

in this video we are going to make a house design in 37×35 Feet Feet plot in which we have 37 feet front and 35 Feet back.
for more information about this please watch this full video.

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if you not found your home plan as per your plot size then please write us in comment with your plot size and requirement.
we will reply you as soon as possible

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  1. 40*40 ka corner plat hai.basement par banana hai

  2. Can you provide full drawing of this plan

  3. Bhai ground floor pe aapne columns mention nahi kiye..or bhai 35 feet lamba beam kya dal sakta hai??

  4. aapka planing bekar he…….. muje pasand nahi aaya….

  5. Need a 3d home design for 1200sqft

  6. Sir humne ek plot liya hai 42×42 ka or hame ek esa ghar banana hai jisme ek Car ki jaga ho or 3 bad rum or ek kitche ho sat be dining table , drawing room ho please help me