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Home Library Interior Design

If you love to spend enjoyable hours reading, creating a library for you and your family would be a good idea. I quote the words of U.S. President Thomas Jefferson; “I cannot live without books”.

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  1. Very inspiring

  2. General Steven D. Lee 5683

    When you lose power, your electronic library is only good until the batteries die. I always keep certain books in traditional paper.

  3. Flight Of Spice Blog

    Love this!!!

  4. Damn the music is nearly made me drop my tear.

  5. Who builds these kind of libraries?

  6. Thank you for making this video.

  7. This video fuels my fantasies!

  8. sebastian steve spitia

    Lovely house.

  9. beautifullllllllllllllll

  10. great ideas!! I personally like a well lit room, if It's to dim I tend to get tired lol

  11. Awesoooooome!!

  12. I wan to try this at home

  13. beautiful

  14. Impressive

  15. I was waiting for it to show a bathroom surrounded by books as well lol. But joking aside, this is beautiful. When I get older I hope I can at least have something similar.

  16. HIS Footprints OnWater

    Beautiful.. My absolute favorite being surrounded by books… I love everything about them ..the smell the feel and of course reading them… Thank you God bless

  17. whats the song ? please?

  18. beautiful ♫♫ 🙂