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Home Interior Design Ideas – Living Room

Home Interior Design Ideas – Living Room 80+ Living Room Design Ideas 2019 A Gallery of Over 80 Photos and Pictures of Living Room and Decorating Ideas for your Home. Some Living Room design ideas for small spaces too.

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Living Rooms – It’s Where we Gather to Enjoy Our Family and Friends. We All Have Them and one thing is for sure. All Of Ours Are Different.

There’s so many options to make Your Living Room unique to you.
We all want to express our own style and individuality and I would love to hear what Your Living Room looks like, please comment below.

What Type of Flooring do you have? Do you have Wood, Laminate or Tile Floors in your Living Room? Do you have short or tall baseboards?

How About Your Wall Color? Did you know different color wall paint can make you happier, calmer or even make a small space look larger?
Do You prefer to paint your walls Dark, Light, Neutral or Bright ?

Now Let’s Talk About Wall Art, Do you Have Photos, Paintings, or other Decor? I Like to add Mirrors, because it reflects the light and really brightens up rooms.

Speaking of Lighting, it can make a huge impact in your Living Room design. Do you prefer recessed lighting, Flush lights or ceiling fans. My Favorite Lighting is definitely Candles.

Fireplaces also add a touch of warmth and character, do you own one in your home?

Does your home have High or Vaulted Ceilings? How about Crown Moulding?

What about your Living Room furniture? Some people prefer Cozy Couches while others prefer Recliners or Comfy Chairs.

Do you have a Coffee Table or End Table? I prefer mine to also double purpose as storage.

How about Entertainment, Is there a TV or Stereo System or do you prefer live musical instruments like guitars or a piano?

I’m looking forward to reading each and every one of your comments.

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