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Hey everyone! So I decided to make this special video for you all to give you tips/ideas (not only to beautify yourself) to beautify your home. Ever since I got married, I ENJOY shopping for homegoods/decorations. I will have a “open house tour” video for you soon sometime next week to show your around our new house after all the furnitures come in!

I purchased all the items mentioned in this video at Michael’s craft store (except 4 things – Sur La Table).



Thanks for watching! Stay tuned to my channel! =)

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  1. I likev

  2. I likev

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  5. I like this

  6. I like this

  7. I like this

  8. but in windows and on tables etc its much more beautiful to use real flowers. 🙂

  9. made me think of…..

    i got a flower
    i got a pen
    flowerpen. XD

  10. the flower pen was a good idea. cute 🙂 i will try that. looks much better than a bunch of pens scattered everywhere.

  11. vintage ideas … congrats & GBU !

  12. Lbcinternational Muhammed


  13. stupid sucks

  14. Can u do the update of your home tour video? I love the details of decorations in your house. Your house look is my inspiration. I'm going to redecorate my apartment. 
    And what words do you search for pictures to get this look on the internet
    Thank you 🙂

  15. Lucia Hastiningsih

    wow..pretty cool. these great home decorating tips…

  16. love it! pretty cool!!

  17. StarksBrothersHomes

    Awesome decorating tips! Thanks for posting!

  18. She said 'dolls,' not dogs.

  19. The BNS Channel - Beauty n' Scents

    Hi Sweetie! Oh my gosh I can't believe I haven't asked you yet if you have a Scentsy in your new home> I know this is an older video.. But it just hit me??? xoxox EdieAnne

  20. nice video btw. if you want to check out some more cretive ideas, my blog is perfect.
    evkedisidekorasyon.blogspot.com get yourself a coffee and try.

  21. Love the flower-pen. What did you use to wrap them?

  22. I prefer elegant over "cute".

  23. I ENJOY shopping for homegoods/decorations.

  24. The amazing building of a place in the coastal bank.

  25. omg do more of these!!! 😀 if possible >.>

  26. beautiful decorations you got there..i love doing arts and crafts from Michaels 🙂

  27. did you said that you designed the flowers?if you did,please help me!I want them in my room!!!

  28. Haha, yay for Michaels! 😀

  29. Noona's 예쁜

  30. oh ikea sells some cheap frames too~ with wooden edges.. and they come in packs of 3 or 4

  31. @beautifymeeh I know 🙁 technologies are costly

  32. Beautifymeeh 뷰티파이미

    @maiiken94 hehe love this one.. but the films are so expensive =(

  33. @beautifymeeh Thanks ^^ I've always wanted a polaroid camera, but just don't know which one to choose 😀

  34. Beautifymeeh 뷰티파이미

    @maiiken94 fujifilm instax mini 55 =)

  35. Unni 😀 I just wanna know which polaroid camera do you use? : ]

  36. Sheilanda Khoirunnisa

    @beautifymeeh ahh,.. I learned a lot from Eonni. The decoration of ur house is very cool and cute. It's inspiring me to make my future house like that! with my husband of course! 🙂 ~^^

  37. Beautifymeeh 뷰티파이미

    @SheilandaK heheheh i designed it hehehe

  38. Sheilanda Khoirunnisa

    your 'yeonwonhi Saranghaeyo' mug cup is way too cute, Eonni!~^^

  39. Beautifymeeh 뷰티파이미

    @happygolucky9938 yup they are lambs =)

  40. Beautifymeeh 뷰티파이미

    @Brynja8 hehe thanks! wow they don't have it in singapore? oh no~ =(

  41. Beautifymeeh 뷰티파이미

    @LauraxD4ever nope! =)

  42. u can wash the michaels tea cups or if u do the paint dissapear? thant you sweetiee!!

  43. Beautifymeeh 뷰티파이미

    @Life2Bliss I've always wanted to live in korea since I was a child =). I wanted to teach English there (before I met my husband). I have a lot of friends that were born in the states and moved to Korea and they LOVE it. We had to move to boston because he got transfered over here for his work. Korea is nice if you are young and single! A lot of places to go, things to do, get to meet A LOT of people, etc =) Alot of people also go there if they are interested and like korean culture/food ^^

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