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Home Designer Quick Start 2018

The Quick Start webinar is a quick and easy way to get started or learn about the software. In this demonstration we will go through the complete process of drawing a plan, designing a kitchen, adding a roof and framing, and producing construction documents. Additionally you will learn about additional resources to further your knowledge of the software. The webinar is intended for new, intermediate, and soon-to-be users.

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  1. DJ Tadka Marathi

    hello sir software is good can export plan file into a dxf 3d view or dwf 3d view please solve my quarry.

  2. I am wondering what is included in the basic program that sells fro $99, because I have seen in your website it is $2000+ . The way I understand the $99 its to start and if you want extras you have to buy them. Is there a way to see what exactly the 99 version does?

  3. LS Technology Education

    Nice video Sir. thanks for information.

  4. I am in the Caribbean and I would like to buy this, here we mainly build using breeze block, been look through the list of main walls cant see blocks or bricks

  5. why does my structure look like it's floating when in 3d camera mode

  6. can I buy this (or preferrably the 2017 version) in Norway?? I am not allowed to buy this on amazon because of my location

  7. can we export them to a 3d software for rendering?

  8. One of the best 2D & 3D Software i've experienced. There is only 1 minus point – that is 3D Rendering. People are expecting more realistic rendering. With that Chiefs software will be at Top 🙂

  9. Perfect intro / preview! Thanks!!

  10. This is an excellent video! I am only halfway through, and trying out bits as I go, but I've learned several very basic things that I could have been using for years–things that I think tend to get missed in many of the videos because the demo person does them without thinking. 🙂

    I have a couple of questions that I hope you can answer. I have an older version of HD Suite, so several features on this video are things that I can't do, and I am wondering about the wall nudge. When I highlight an item and hit the arrow key, it just shifts my view rather than the item. Am I doing something wrong? It certainly doesn't seem this should be a high-end feature, and I even thought I had used it before, but it's not working. Should it?

    The other question is something I have run into several times. I have a floating staircase! For some reason, the staircase begins several feet above floor level. What causes that and how do I fix it? So exasperating!

    Btw, I love U-shaped stairs, and they are fairly cumbersome on my version, so I am quite impressed with that feature!