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Home Designer 2019 Kitchen Design

This demonstration will go through the process of creating a kitchen layout from beginning to end. We will review how to fully edit and customize cabinets, appliances, and a kitchen island. A custom ceiling design will be created, as well as pantry structure within the room with a shelf ceiling. You will also become familiar with the electrical tools, lighting options, materials and various camera views available within Home Designer Software.

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  1. For someone looking to market 3D renderings, floor plans, how much are they usually worth?

  2. shame most textures and stuff in both Home Designer and Chief Architect feels like 1980'. some fresh stuff out of the box would be a very very welcome addition

  3. Civil Wars Kitchen Builds

    I absolutely love Home Designer Professional. I have been using it for awhile now and it is completely phenomenal. I love the new features added this year!. The ONLY thing Chief Architect could do to make this software better is add a realistic rendering extension. The rendering is pretty good but mediocre compared to what you can do with sketchup and 3ds Max…. That being said Home Designer Pro is still my go to and I just have to do some photoshop rendering and its pretty efficient.

    Keep up the great work!