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Home Designer 2017 – Beginning Roof Design

This webinar will focus on Home Designer’s automatic roof tools, and will go through the basic concepts behind designing a roof in Home Designer Software, and how to create simple roof styles, such as hip, gable, gambrel, and shed roofs. It will then cover how to apply these concepts to some more complex or unusual styles.

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  1. Excellent % design…

  2. On the A-Frame house, when I set my ceiling height to 4 inches and then back to 109. My program draws the walls going through the ceiling on the outside of the house. I notice that yours flickers the same result in your tutorial but then disappears. Is there something I am missing to make these walls only go to the ceiling? I have set those walls to only go to the floor above. It occurs at 35:28. Thanks!

  3. this was very helpful, thanks!

  4. Thats what i was doing wrong, I was leaving the aut rebuild roofs on.

  5. I did everything exactly like you did for the clerestory roof but for some reason they wont connect fully. I'm left with a 6" gap between roofs. When I watch your tutorial, you have the same thing, but then 2 seconds later it deletes itself. I don't know how to fix the issue

  6. great software. how do i buy them?

  7. Mmm, mine doesn't look like that, lol. :/

  8. Great tutorial!

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