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Home Design Software Building Blocks

With Building Blocks you can design your whole house, get a takeoff and blueprints in less than 20 minutes. And, your design is ACCURATE and buildable in the field as designed. With the built-in assistant, there is literally zero learning curveyou will be drawing right out of the box. Building Blocks was designed by contractors for contractors with true 3D BIM building intelligence so if Building Blocks lets you design it then it can be built in the field as it was designed for only $995. Professional home design software has never been this easy, accurate and inexpensive.

For more info visit http://www.digitalcanal.com/?utm_source=youtube&utm_medium=video&utm_campaign=youtubevideo

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  1. Everyone asked the same question and know one got a response…must be a gimmick

  2. carolyn kirubakaran

    Very easy method which can be done even by me!  Dear Uploader, Please give me the free download of this software. This will help me to make me fresh and get rid of my depression!

  3. Hi ,it looks so easy to use.how and where can i get this software,how much it will cost ?

  4. what scale can you print out at?

  5. can you change to metric dimentions?

  6. an you build pole home?
    can you build a second floor with voids and split room designs over the 2nd floor?
    Do you have verbale support?
    What is the price?

  7. Whats the name of this software?

  8. Where can I bye this software

  9. I like your building blocks vidio how much I all so need something that can do kitchens I am exporting and importing kitchens I want somthing easy so like building blocks so my clients can design there own kitchen can you give me your email

  10. hi i jst wana know wer can i download that application, is it free? hope so….im not enginer or archetect but i loved to make house design but this one is great more easier and fast. hope to hear your responce soon. thanks for sharing this videos God bless

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