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Home Design 3D – TUTO 10 – How to Save/Share Your Project

In addition of the auto save feature (available in the Classic and Gold editions), earn how to externally save your project in the app. This external save is a useful backup.
You can also use this function to:
– share your projects to a friend who is also using Home Design 3D
– to export your project on another device so you can continue it

All the detailed steps:
1. Share your projet 00:13
2. Save/share by Mail or Dropbox 00:20
3. Share on other storage services 00:25
4. Share it by Mail 00:31
5. Receiving your project 00:50
6. Open your project 00:56

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  1. dumb shit!!!!!!!!! i paid full price and wife paid full price now i gotta find another app that allows shareing. this is why people use torrents for stuff. cause they said they can do someting and they cant. and who want to fight over the price of an app when they got your money already.

  2. they say you can share your projects but it doesnt work i followed all of this serval times.

  3. I was going to recommend this app for many of my colleges, but you have to pay an unreasonable price its a shame. But there are many more apps instead of this that you can pay for which i now have instead of this app. This app should be free more people would be using it and there would be many more positive reviews.

  4. Saya sudah beli versi premium tpi gax bisa di save

  5. Home Design,
    I can not see the Share Menu on my screen. I am running the regular addition (not free) Home Design on an iPhone 8 with iOS 11 installed. Please help!


  6. Juniar Silvia Widi Yantari

    gabisa di save 😭😭 harus jadi premium dulu.

  7. How about Android?

  8. 1:00 Note: It does not work with the Freemium version
    ???What's mean? I use Home design 3D Freemium,
    and upgraded to Gold version!! But I can not import Project file!!
    What apprication be able to import project?
    Prease tell me its apprication name.

  9. My project was lost!

  10. well, i create a house on my iphone. But I can not save it. It said I have to download full version. Any way else?

  11. I am unable to open my project files created on my desktop in android devices. Both are not freemium accounts. Any help plz??