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Home Decorating Basics : How to Decorate Your Master Bedroom in Minimalist Style

Decorate a master bedroom in a minimalist style by using contemporary or modern furniture to create a sparse look that is clean and neat with straight lines. Keep only the bare necessities to design a minimalist master bedroom with tips from a professional decorator in this free video on home decorating.

Expert: Ann Myrick
Bio: Since 1997, Ann Myrick has been a professional decorator, house cleaner, home organizer and planner, and she is now the owner and operator of Anntics Home Decorating Company.
Filmmaker: Tim Brown

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  1. Has anyone made an Ann Myrick playlist yet? Her "tutorials" on youtube seem to be notably terrible. I feel like she need the recognition a playlist creation can give lol!

  2. She took an ALREADY minimalist bedroom, and made it boring as hell.

  3. Padding on the walls would be a good idea.

  4. Another bad video. The Lowe's ad before the video was just as boring. She definitely needs to learn how to speak – – – monotone, boring, not interesting at all.

  5. livelovedaydream

    terrible 🙁

  6. Tis would give me nightmares. Its like a room where a rapist would take you.

  7. and please, do not stress!.

  8. If you want this to be minimalist, take everything except the bed. Paint the walls white and the bed too.

  9. @raghayasmae LOL

  10. and the bed

  11. WTF???!!!!
    removing the sheet from the bed !! the alarm clock instead of the basket !!! push the called "art work" two inches !! starighting up the chair !!!! taking the pots away !! and the table ! putting a bigger picture instaed of the small one !! Again the chair !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The first time I was hella surprised, starting from the second one, I cracked, especially with the chair
    Sorry I couldn't stop crazy laughing! Nothing personal really!!

  12. I love this video. The comments get funnier and funnier every time I come here.

  13. suspense spoiler

    thats asshole style

  14. Take off the chair, the lamp and the painting.

  15. I thank the room would of just showed better. if everything in the room didn't look so out dated . Sorry hun I know you are just working with what you have .

  16. I really like her ideas. People who are on a budgt can appericate this for sure. I love the lamp and the chair. My room could be considered minimilist. I have a bed without a headboard and just a few peices of furniture. I hate bedrooms that are cluttered with a lot of things. I spend the lest time in my bedroom so I don't need much in there.

  17. this looks like a hotel room.

  18. @Krystalheart4ever Haha I lol'ed 😛

  19. Peterson Productions, Minneapolis Video Production

    seriously? went from no style to even less, took out some things, whoa, did that take an expert?

  20. Muhaha, even better, right?

  21. She's NUTS

  22. omg! that looks like a hospital room

  23. she talks too much

  24. who is this lady who tell us how to decorate a room? is she an architect or a decorator woman? this room now looks so much sad

  25. not long ago, I patented an attractive futon frame that can be assembled in about two minutes by one person without complex instructions, tools, or small parts like nuts and bolts. It's a great design for today's minimalist lifestyles.

    I designed it to be cheap and easy to manufacture. I'm selling the patent rights for $5k plus a very small royalty. You can watch a short demonstration by clicking on my screen name. Feel free to contact me any time.

    Thanks for watching.

  26. She is just doing minimalist not modern minimalist, there is a diffrence. Iike the modern contempary minmimalist look myself. That chair was all wrong to me, maybe in a diffren place.

  27. you people are mean…she's trying.lol

  28. HD Travel Shorts

    Are you kidding me!? This is completely wrong! Minimalist decorations do not look like my grandmothers old crap.

  29. I love it. Thank you Ann.

  30. Its not the style thats wrong, its her interpretation that's a hot mess. Minimal can be very visually pleasing. She is trying to pass cheap off as minimal

  31. umm not going to be rude so I wont comment

  32. I am thinking of making a decoration videos too.watch out! for my videos coming soon!