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Home Décor – Kitchen Design Ideas

Home Décor – Kitchen Design Ideas – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Really the sky is the limit when it comes to kitchen design and the only constraints that you have are your budget, and the space and how you work on a day to day basis for your kitchen. So I am going to give you some trends and some things that are happening in kitchen design today that you could incorporate into your kitchen. One of the biggest trends that we are seeing today is multiple appliances. Now we used to see this a lot with kosher kitchens, but now we are seeing this everywhere and it really makes sense as kind of a throw back to how we live today. For instance there is an electric induction worktop here, there is a gas worktop here, there is a stove here, a microwave here. It really just depends on how you work in the space and you can add appliances where you need them to accommodate your life style and it is really great.

Now we are also seeing smarter storage. Traditional kitchen always have the upper and lower cabinets which everybody knows you open the door, you stuff everything in there, things get stuck in the back and you cannot get them out. Your kids cannot reach the cabinets above which I know sometimes is a good thing but if you are in a wheelchair or your designing your kitchen to accommodate for the rest of your life for aging in place, upper cabinets are just not practical. So what we are going for now are drawers instead of doors and that can happen below your work surface and above the work surface. We are also seeing more appliances on the work surface, and that is great, and we could accommodate that just with adding a few more electrical outlets and more counter space.

If we do not have the overhead doors we could accommodate a lot of those appliances so you can easily access your food processor, your rice cooker your juicer, everything is readily available when you need it. And we also design, often times we design a door that just slides down and covers those appliances very neatly. Now the kitchen is really also becoming a hub of technology. I had like to think of the kitchen now as really A Cyber Cafe. So when you are planning your kitchen think about the other things you are doing in the space are you watching tv? Do you have your ipad here and your reading recipes that you have downloaded from the internet? Think of where you want to place those in the kitchen so it is no longer just about where you put your cabinets or where you put your appliances but it is also about where you are going to put your tv and where you are going to mount your ipad, and this is something we do not see stopping anytime soon if anything more technology is being designed into the kitchen.

So if you consider all of these elements in your kitchen design you will have a functional and beautiful investment that you will enjoy for many years to come.

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