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30 X 40 (28 X 38 ) East face house plan walk through

This is the house plan walk through Let’s see the vedio Ground floor plan #2 ...


  1. With Avasva plans doing something like that was easy.

  2. cheers

  3. I am sure you'll learn about it if you'll read Stodoys HANDBOOKS from cover to cover 🙂

  4. Cordelia Blakeslee

    I know that you can get solutions for that on woodprix website. just google 'woodprix' :)))

  5. @purrtt33..Looks like a great job they did. How much did the foundation cost all together by itself from excavation to the concrete finish job?. I know you have electrical and plumbing involved. where is this at australia or what ?

  6. Good job&nice video.

  7. The Handy Goddess

    I think you're brilliant, I love what's being done here

  8. Generally looks neat, but not adequate mesh overlap.

  9. Hey mate, my names Lucas, i am studying building and construction at holmesglen tafe, i have a residential footing systems assignment, i am finding it difficult to find photos, i am just wondering if there is a chance you are able to send some photos of the construction of a slab to my email, if you could that would be fantastic, thanks for your time mate, keep up the videos!!@purrtt33

  10. This foundation has a level of detail which I have not seen in the Philippines with the termite (white ant) protection, the corner reinforcement to minimize the chance of cracking, and just the level of detail with your vapor barrier. However, I do not see any vertical rebar along the perimeter, which I believe is typical (I am a layman) for homes which may see side loading from high winds or earthquakes. Why do you not have any vertical rebar around your perimeter?

  11. This became after the suggestion of civil engineer?

  12. good

  13. Robert Joseph Mawanda

    I think his work is good.

  14. your beams are totally wrong and the diameter of you reinforcement is very bad , I wonder who is you engineer

  15. job well done! very informative!

  16. Yes great video especially about the membrane

  17. great video!!!!

  18. Very clean work. Like to see trades take real pride in their work,

  19. there is nice but works new methods

  20. G'day mate, nice vid and good info thanks… I'm in Thailand (Aussie) and thinking of building over here, I want to do a lot of it myself as the locals have a very "rustic" understanding of engineering when it comes to building houses. I know I'll get some very strange looks when I ask for a slab like this to be laid, and I'll prolly need a cattle prod to get the work done.. Thanks

  21. What's the area of the house?