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Hidden Design Details in Mad Men, That ’70s Show & More | Architectural Digest

What can we learn about suburban architecture from the way it’s represented in pop culture? Join architect Michael Wyetzner of Michielli + Wyetzner Architects as he breaks down the suburban design of ‘Mad Men,’ ‘The Brady Bunch,’ ‘Weeds,’ ‘That ’70s Show’ and ‘Modern Family.’
Check out Michael’s architecture firm here: https://mwarch.net/

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Architect Breaks Down 5 TV Houses from Mad Men, That ’70s Show & More | Architectural Digest

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  1. Emanuele de Yohansen

    So Interesting! Make more please! Thanks ♥

  2. I really enjoyed this an I'm IN Levittown while watching this.  Fun to see how the renovation is taking this town from conformity to…  Thanks to Robert Moses and his parkways we grew up with a long narrow 'forest' from Levittown to Jones Beach and we rode our bikes there many days in the summer.

  3. Bravo! More plz

  4. Fun Fact! The Draper home was portrayed as lower Upstate New York but it's actually in Pasadena, California.

  5. Yeah he needs more videos. He's knowledgeable in the history of his profession and good in front of a camera, more of these please, there are loads of TV show architecture you can break down.

  6. this was amazing!

  7. "I am my house, and my house is me." ~Plumbean

  8. What kind of pen that he used in this video?

  9. This was fascinating. I think I'm interested in architecture now

  10. please talk about the house on full house

  11. I could listen to you all day too. Please do the house from The Waltons! : )

  12. I wonder what he has to say about the Sears Roebuck homes?

  13. Red door used to mean you paid off your mortgage.

  14. The Draper kitchen was not in a triangle.

  15. Southern Oregon Cat Mom

    Very interesting!

  16. Anyone else stayed waiting for the Golden Girls house!?! One of the most iconic houses of television! 🙂 Hopefully we can see more like this!

  17. Wow! This man is amazing!

  18. Really enjoyed this. I would really really like to see a segment on the famous cinema crime family homes from the Sopranos, Scarface, good fellas, and casino

  19. How about someone points out the 1990's ceilings in the so called 1960's offices?

  20. Brilliant video! Pls make more like this

  21. 15 min very well spent. Great video!

  22. Those shutters are eyerape. They are not spaced out.

  23. Avocado Green? I beg to differ, sir. The real name of that color is Barf Green.

  24. Anne Sofie Merkistein

    Please do Modern Family

  25. Wilma Söderström

    More videos with Michael!

  26. Great video, thanks!

  27. Maybe do the Home Improvement house, too

  28. maybe some non-american shows?

  29. this was really interesting!

  30. He reminds me of H. Jon Benjamin, the actor.

  31. I wanna see this man play the sims

  32. That 70s Show is my favorite homeeeee

  33. Michael Hennessey

    Gallagher house from shameless

  34. At 11:334 who is he to tell me that I have to live in a city with apartment buildings? Just because he says so. That I would ruin the forest if I live out in one of those "Suburban sprawl? I was born and raise in NYC and hated those apartment buildings and having to take broken down subways? No thank you. I like to live out of the city and drive my car.

  35. forever-generation-nothing

    this is an old video but i thought u guys might wanna know, at first sight the AD logo in the bottom left hand of your thumbnail makes me think the video is a sponsorship/advert at first. u might wanna change that but idk maybe my brain cell isn't working again

  36. I like this guy. I'm in NZ we don't have basements. I'm a 1980s baby so I can relate to the furniture and use of materials and got me thinking about kitchen layout outs. I'm not a a cook, but I have a green finger. He shown light to me with how similar his profession is to landscaping.

  37. I would love to see an analysis of the Arrested Development house.

  38. There's a user called nikneuk on DeviantArt who specialises in doing beautiful floor plans of sets from film and TV. I think their most famous one is Frasier Crane's ridiculously large (and ridiculously-shaped) apartment, but they've also done things like the apartment from the Hitchcock movie Rope.

  39. i didn't realize mad men was a show so i thought that this video was gonna be an architect (angrily) breaking down about the crazy houses people build,,, so i guess i surprised but not disappointed