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Google Sketchup–Easy To Use 3d Design Software

With 3D design software you usually have to make a decision whether you want something easy to use and low quality or something difficult to use but very high quality. Well with google sketchup you get a very good compromise with an incredibly easy to use interface and a fairly good quality end-product. You can even get a version for free directly from the website or choose to upgrade to Sketchup Pro.

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  1. ★☞ As a beginner with woodwork, I usually feel overwhelmed with the whole plan. But this plans[Check Details Here⇒>☞★☞https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AcDZ1m_jwjkRUixIdWP094kqa9Ipdo9FNtXC8DtMUZk/edit?usp=sharing ] led me through with much clarity and simplicity . I now work like a pro. That's good!

  2. Can you download your own house from google maps?

  3. thank you, you really helped

  4. Thanks Sydus for the info'!

  5. Nice videos sydus..thanks

  6. What a nice tutorial video. Im trying learn, my goal is to create a amusement from the UK.

  7. One day I suddenly got interested in architecture and started surfing for free 3D design software

  8. does this have measurements? like meters?
    because i have land about 100 square meter, so i can design how small my house can be, please answer

  9. dude if ur getting trouble in changing from hand to orbit 
    click on shift when ur on orbit to go to hand 

  10. tank for ur help dude

  11. Sketchup is used for Game making, boredom killing and items for work or youtube. It is not an animation studio. It is a building studio.

  12. minecraft is out!!!

  13. Thanks(: It helped so much ^-^

  14. cool that i can export models to 3ds max or maya. can i also export animations into maya and make the already made animations in google sketchup look more professional? i like that this is easy to use. saves you hours of work.

  15. Looks like a really bad version of autocad

  16. Finnaly an easy 3D Modeler for my TF2 Item Workshop 😀

  17. yer funny

  18. awesome it looks so cool

  19. thanks for the good intro. nice soft

  20. use middle mouse for orbit and shift + middle mouse for pan, you never have to change tool 🙂

  21. cool cant waitn to lern more

  22. it wont work for me!!!!!!!!!!!
    allreday download it 3 times at different webb pages and it just wont work!!.

  23. Subbed sub Back

  24. ima use this for all my projects(that i can)!!!! Great tutorial!!! make more!

  25. This looks pretty easy.I was going to buy some software like punch home & landscape design.Thanks for this matey

  26. super cool ! short and sweet.. really great to start with 3d.. thnx a lot 🙂

  27. Rather arrogant to say "I already know how to use it, it is easy" simply because you know how to do a few things…got news for you buddy, there is a lot to the program and No you do not know it after a few minutes. I know engineers that after 2 years don't know it all. In your presentation you did several things poorly and made several untrue statements. But thanks for what you have done.

  28. omg that is my house thanks

  29. to obit esily click the scrol botton

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