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FUN Girls Bedroom Design | Interior Design | Fix It Fridays #5

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Client’s were remodeling their entire home and needed to add another bedroom for their 10 year old daughter. Rebecca found much needed space in the area that was once her parents closet! Adding some additional square footage to the space, she was able to create a bedroom Abby would love not only as a pre-teen, but in the years to come. be sure to check out our blog post on Abby’s room to capture ALL THE DETAILS! In addition, you’ll ind the wall colors used as well as the furniture, bedding art and accessories. Check out the blog here: http://www.robesondesign.com/blog/

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  1. Love the room. Love the light. AMAZING. You are just amazing and awesome.

  2. Every single one is fab

  3. Marlene Farfan

    I agreed, you are a genius!

  4. I like how the chocolate brown adds a mature element to the bright room. I find navy has the same effect.

  5. Elizabeth Bobb

    Love you and I know it!!!

  6. glory is YASHUA

    "Scott might like it"…. Love that! You are so funny Rebecca. 🙂

  7. Yes am going to do my daughters room just like that am Loving the comforter very beautiful ,my daughter always told me she wanted her room in green loving it,Rebecca u did it again 👍👏

  8. Shraddha Joshi

    Mannn u bring lives to the walls .. love your creativity 😍 hope I could learn something from your videos.

  9. Pompons <3

  10. Janet Caterina

    That's beautiful – where are the other two girls' bedrooms??

  11. Claudia Stokes

    If my teachers had been as funny AND smart!!!! I could have been a genius!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Claudia Stokes

    Yes! It's why we love you!!!!!!

  13. "Link below" … Could you be a little more specific? I can't see where you mean. Where is the link to the original "Abby's room" show?

  14. Love it!

  15. Rebecca, you are so FABULOUS!!! LUV, LUV, LUV your designs. You have such exquisite taste! <3

  16. No pistachio walls again please love..

  17. LOVE!

  18. Riettamarie DeGraffe

    Rebecca 💕❣️💕 Slam Dunk ❣️ Yes, you're right! You are loved and thank you for sharing so many "details" it's inspiring! ❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️

  19. Designer Window Fashions

    I have just recently started watching your videos. Amazing Work. You certainly know how to "connect the dots". I do want to tell you one thing I particularly appreciate about you: while the work you do is high end in appearance, you are not too "proud" to shop Ikea, Home Goods, Pottery Barn an the like. This is very good because so many people can't do the remodels, but they can do Ikea and paint!

  20. Jamie Clermont

    i want you to come to our house

  21. Millions of thumbs up!

  22. Love the 10 year old’s bedroom, I would’ve happily lived in there myself :))

  23. Asha Manjunath

    Lovely room ☺️👍

  24. jayarajsangam sangam

    I loved it

  25. The mirrored closet was just beside the bed. Wouldn't it be strange if turn over to that side before sleeping and seeing ourselves in the mirror?

  26. I do love you and I know it! Hahahahaha

  27. I saw this room on Pinterest, and it was one of my favorites

  28. ExecSec 26 Ward

    I have a daughter named Abbey and she is also 10. Her favorite colors are chartreuse and turquoise. Beautiful room. I love your humor! Keep being awesome!

  29. I love your design. it's gorges. and u 2. I wish if I can design my flat with u. it's my dream. but I know I can't effort. love u .

  30. I LOVE a place for window seats !!!! <333

  31. for designing my room

  32. i want help

  33. hy

  34. I love your designs

  35. How can I fix my daughter room , now is white and grey!

  36. what size is this bed?

  37. nusrat rubaiya

    how u put same fabric in sketch up model😃

  38. My bedroom is those same colors just a bit darker green and I'm 58 years young.

  39. Pratiksha Raja

    where can I put order if I want to buy from website. I have tried go in website but I didn't see any option to put order

  40. great and cool color scheme

  41. Oh my gosh it's been forever since I've watched this channel!

  42. Jennifer Still

    My color scheme would be white, grey, and redorange.

  43. Pale pink

  44. BillJOhn Santos

    i would try gray, yellow and white

  45. I love your designs Rebecca. Just want to ask which software or app has been used here to design the room especiall y at 2.08 minute..KINDLY HELP ME