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Full Intro to Design Manager: Interior Design Software (prev)

Beautiful designs are made up of beautiful little details
From size…to fabric…to color

But designers also need to keep track of the not-so beautiful
little details…
like costs…markups…profitability.

For a single product, or for many products…
Each with its own set of details that need to be

Whether it’s a chair…
a table, or an entire home…

Design Manager keeps track of ALL the
so you can focus on those beautiful little details,
that beautiful designs are made of.

Design Manager is the leading project management and accounting software for interior designers. Created in 1984 to respond to the requests of local interior design firms, it expanded into a nationwide software company and became one of the first providers of cloud-based design software. Because design firms have specific needs that cannot be answered by conventional software, it is our mission to provide a product that is dedicated to serving the design community. We deliver software that saves time, money, and frustration, while eliminating countless hours of paperwork.

Designed for the designer.

Interior Design Software


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