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Free 3D Home Design Software

http://www.visualsupercomputing.com A brief video outlining our promotional offering for the Virtual Decorator free 3D Home Design Software package. Offer includes a free copy of our 3D Room Design Software , a free copy of our 2D Floorplan Software, Budget Planner Software and Project Manager.

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  1. please can i get the link to download this application?

  2. prasanna hosangadi

    is their any 3d software to model within 10 or 15 minutes???

  3. send me the download link please

  4. Can I use the obj files?

  5. I can see only ads! How to do it?

  6. Bast Fails Thug life

    home design software download and install download

  7. Could you please send a link to download it.

  8. Good Working 🙂

  9. I subscribed! 🙂

  10. It is awesome

  11. OMG THANK YOUUU!! I can finally explain how I want my room to look like to my Dad – He's a construction guy but he doesn't get what I'm "envisioning".

  12. You make a new room I guess

  13. is this software only for windows?

  14. jelena obretkovich

    How do u make second floor

  15. Your Video Is Very Useful Sharing A brief video outlining our promotional offering for the Virtual Decorator free 3D Home Design Software package

  16. I downloaded the free software and I have few questions:
    1-how do you color only 1 wall?
    2-Why doors doesn't locate themself with the wall depth and the floor?
    3-some library objets are locked from retexturize and recolor? I can't do nothing on them?
    4-How do you modify the room dimensions while doing the layout?
    5-why not having snap for window leveling?
    6-Do you can you render a scene?
    7-does this software is really finished or is in work right now cuz a lot of friendly feature are forgotten

  17. Hi,
    I wen tto the website and followed directions for a download link but it came up with the message that the mailing list was closed. Can I still download this software for free?

  18. are you australian or what?

  19. wow It's really good to have and it's free. too bad I'm using mac. i guess i have to change my software first. btw thanks for the post.

  20. @oliverjamescarr Thanks for your interest in our software.

    Just for clarification – our 3D Home Design Software is free

    It comes with a 100MB library of objects and materials ( again for free ) however like just about every software company in the world we offer an upgrade for those that like the software.

    Our "upgrade" is an additional 300 MB of extra objects and materials that is very modestly priced, the software "engine" remains the same, the upgrade is an objects expansion package.

  21. googlepluscansuckadick

    yea i understand that somewhere money has to be made but from what youve just told me is that the file sizes are quite large so you want to give people that option, but why charge people if that is the case?

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