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  1. that is a huge kitchen

  2. What can you do with the cabinet height when your ceilings are 10'? Isn't this too high to take your cabinets up to the ceiling? Suggestions to keep the focal point at eye level?

  3. beautiful kitchen!

  4. As a designer and photographer I agree with Jo on this one. The wide angle lens certainly helped that kitchen out. In doing many kitchen renovations, I would say that is a smaller kitchen. Have I seen smaller? Of course. She is spot on with the white upper cabinets adding to the illusion of more space. If you envision the upper cabinets dark and the normal sub-par lighting, it would feel much smaller in there. Just saying.

  5. HGTV needs to show more ways to save energy and energy saving features used in a remodel.

  6. Can you imagine having to clean grease splatters and such off of the vent hood? There's no way I'd want anything with that rough texture in a kitchen. It's cute and all but it's just not practical.

  7. Does anyone know what brand of cabinets these are??

  8. National Dispatch LLC

    Love watching Fixer Upper! They are amazing!

  9. Great tips. I just love her. I really enjoy the show.

  10. It is a beautiful kitchen. I just wonder, how do you keep that vent hood clean?

  11. thats a Small kitchen ?

  12. It's a galley kitchen with a large window, so limited in terms of how much freedom a designer would have.

  13. mis watching Your show You do a beautifull work

  14. Ricarda Ganzon Miller

    oldest daughter live in Franklin,TN. I'm here for 3month cause of my 16yrs old grandson was diagnose with cancer.I happens to watch ur show since then I fell in love n enjoy watching,its the best n also d Brothers.Went to Christian store accidentally saw ur book n bought it right away…More power to both….

  15. btw i love your show

  16. i think my kitchen is even smaller then this one

  17. Small?! This kitchen makes mine look tiny!

  18. Small kitchen but she gives such good tips!

  19. That's bigger than any kitchen that I've had in my adult life!

  20. Omg what a definition of small? 🙄

  21. 💗💖💝💛💚💙💜

  22. my kitchen is half that size and barely any counter space

  23. It help that she has that huge window there.

  24. they did a great job and i like the tips. BUT this ain't small. and i will say that "under 500" is not cheap…hgtv is kinda outta touch with most people's budget. the hood does look great but it should not be presented as "oh AND it's not expensive.". it's cute but expensive.

  25. what kind of stove is that?

  26. This kitchen is about the size of tiny house 🙂

  27. Hi Joanna! You and your family are absolutely inspiring. You are not only extremely talented, but you have a heart of gold and an old soul. You are stunningly beautiful and my hubby and I watch your show all the time. I think he gets tired of me obsessively watch the reruns, but I don't care! Also, Chip is an obvious hoot, and reminds me of my dad. He id a jokester like Chip is and I know how troubling that can be (in public, LOL), but how healthy it is for the family. I just wanted to say how appreciative I am for you all, as you bring me and my family so much joy.

    More importantly, my message comes today with a true meaning. My mother is ill with a terminal cancer, and has been for seven years. She fights it without complaint, but I know she gets down sometimes. However, when I talk to her she is always telling me about how much your show makes her laugh. There is a light-heartedness in her voice, and even if it's just for a moment, she comes back to the wonderfully jovial and happy woman that I have known my whole life. So thank you friends, I use that term because that's how we all see you. You make us laugh, sometimes cry (from laughing to much), but also from how you change people's lives.

    So, I say a simple thank you and God bless!

  28. go with LED under cabinet lights

  29. I notice how the counter tops are so bare.  I wish mine where like that.  I have less countertop and is clutery.   This kitchen is beautiful.  A bit too narrow but so spacey.

  30. Aspect value evident action expression headquarters hesitate owner.

  31. Christian Leonardo Vergara Marin

    small kitchen? really? ….

  32. Small? I do not care for the range hood. Sorry.

  33. For everyone claiming that's not a small kitchen, well at the beginning you'll notice she said in Texas they say everything is bigger and better… and she's right, to us Texans that is considered a small kitchen in comparison to most homes here. Plus the cost of living is wayyy cheaper than most places, you can get a huge nice house here for the same price as a studio apartment in somewhere like California or other places up north. js

  34. I have a 1969 galley kitchen. It was pretty ugly when we bought our house, over 30 years ago. It had worn out olive green counters and sink. Broken appliances also in olive green. A thin stainless steel sink. A single pain aluminum window. A interior door with plexi- glass that was passing as an exterior door. A filthy popcorn ceiling. and worn out floor. On one side of the kitchen is the dining room and about 3/4's of a ways down on the other end, we now have a walk through to the addition that is now the new laundry room. There is a hallway to the bedrooms on the other side, where my washer and dryer were. Not counting the walkway it's around 91 sq feet.. My husband has slowly been working on the kitchen over the years. The cabinets still need refinished, they are Ash plywood, flat and worn with no detail. I Am Thankful for my kitchen though, because a lot of people have much worse.

  35. Small kitchen? I don't think so. Come to England and see what most kitchens are really like!

  36. This is definitely not a small kitchen. This is the size of some studios apartment in San Francisco.

  37. This is simply NOT a small kitchen. 'It can be a challenge to work with a space this small' lol. Meanwhile back in the real world..

  38. You can count on me to "like" anything Chip & Jo-jo….

  39. My favorite show houses renovation love it

  40. I love fixer upper

  41. Scarlett Whisperer ASMR

    too bad I live in an apartment and I can't change anything

  42. I wish I had more cabinet and countertop space, but I rent. Can't wait till I have my own home hopefully soon!

  43. "work with what you have and make it count" that really good advice and I need to simplify my expectations thanks for that great advice.

  44. What is the countertops used here, and the paint colors for the gray cabinets?

  45. What is the countertops used here, and the paint colors for the gray cabinets?

  46. If that is a small kitchen, then my kitchen is xxsmall. My kitchen is half the size of that kitchen.

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