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First Studio Apartment Ideas – IKEA Home Tour (Episode 402)

In episode 402 of the IKEA Home Tour Series, the Squad heads to Philadelphia to help Ginelle, an aspiring 2D animator, makeover her current barebones studio apartment.

As an up and coming digital designer, Ginelle needs to ensure the space in her home promotes a creative and relaxing ambience. This space serves as her office, bedroom and living room, so the Squad will have to ensure that they create an environment that is stylish as well as entertaining and relaxing. Let’s see what types of studio apartment ideas they came up with.

To start, the Squad chose a NYBODA coffee table for its reversible design that allows you to change the table’s look and added a NYMÖ lamp shade bringing decorative light patterns to the space. By incorporating a KALLAX shelving unit into the studio apartment’s layout, the Squad was able to divide the space into separate “”rooms.”” Ginelle now has space for a cozy, private bedroom and a living room that will allow her to comfortably host friends and family in her new apartment.

Because Ginelle’s apartment was in need of nearly everything, the team also wanted to ensure that her blank canvas was finished out with the proper necessities and color-coordinated accessories. For the seating area, the team included the SÖDERHAMN sofa in a stylish color with a plush VINDUM rug. And lastly, the Squad used a LINNMON/ALEX table with plenty of storage for her art supplies and proper lighting to ensure Ginelle that has a place to focus her creative energy.

Looking for more studio apartment inspiration? Explore the products and studio apartment decorating ideas applied in this makeover: https://www.hometourseries.com/relaxed-bedroom-ideas-402#open

What’s IKEA Home Tour? We’ll tell you! We’re sending a team of IKEA experts on the road to help America solve real home furnishing challenges, big and small, and transform their living spaces. The Home Tour Squad is hitting the road to assist those who need help with home projects – from closet organization to living room style upgrades to bedroom makeovers – and to illustrate genuine solutions that make everyday life at home better. The Home Tour Squad will help plan and shop at the local IKEA store to find the best smart solutions for home challenges. The homeowners and the Squad members will then accomplish the transformation together! Plus, the Squad will film their journey along the way.

The IKEA Home Tour Squad is a team of hand-selected IKEA experts from across the country. They specialize in everything from home design to organization to sustainability at home. Each Squad member comes from a different background and contributes their unique expertise to help homeowners on the tour. Their journey will be chronicled through before/after makeover videos, tour footage, and video shorts featuring design tips and interviews with homeowners. Squad members will also be sharing live updates from the tour via Twitter (@IKEAUSA) and Instagram (@IKEAUSA) with the hashtag #IKEAHomeTour.

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  1. That's hella expensive. Where is the closet?

  2. i like it and i love you ikea

  3. I preferred it before .. now it looks cluttered

  4. Why would you do your art in the darkest spot of the studio?

  5. what makes the designer think the warm lighting is best for her working space? she is an artist who obviously works with colours and even uses traditional medias!

  6. Did anyone see what the square footage was of this room? It would be helpful to know so that we could use these floor plans for our own studio apartments. Very pretty end result. Good luck, Ginelle! 🙂

  7. Where does she hang her clothes?

  8. Too much stuff.
    It looks cluttered.

  9. Ľubomir Kocurek

    Really cheap price for all that furniture, good job and thanx for motivation ☺😊😉🙄

  10. Looks cramped af

  11. I must be an idiot
    But it feels like a set.
    Being filmed.
    Hired acting.
    Not like real life.
    If it is, i would respond better if they would show the rest.
    Even a studio usually has a dorm fridge , microwave etc table chairs etc.

    Its missing

  12. Catherine Somerville

    Sorry The art/work area belongs on with natural light/window side not in a dark closet.

  13. To establish the work area in a corner with no natural light was really stupid.

  14. How many Square feet is the apartment?

  15. Mary Therese McCool

    Very nice.

  16. Gabriel Gamer 404

    I love simple, cozy places like this. Became an Ikea fan very recently.

  17. I’m watching this video because I’m going furniture shopping with my honey next week and I need to make sure everything is perfect😭💕

  18. Wow those two people really represent modern day Sweden

  19. It was such a beautiful minimalist space… they totally ruined it! Filled it with clutter and dust-collecting ikea garbage. And what privacy is she talking about!? Isn't it supposed to be a studio apartment? like for one person!!??

  20. Courtney Fleming

    This is really cute but I think it’s too much in a small space – it looks so cluttered that it’s hard to notice the nice details, and the apartment seems smaller after.

  21. FANTASTIC!!!!

  22. no kitchen?

  23. LOVE IT💖💖💖….IKEA I need help with my studio.

  24. is it a human? or is it a dinosourus?

  25. an art studio with that yellow lighting?? forget it

  26. l love this apartment. Perfect for 1 ( me)

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    My son and I need assistance from Ikea I will pay Ikea

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  33. this turned out great! i didn't expect that price at all!!

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  35. OMG, this space is the cutest!!! Great job!

  36. Elisha-Ba Castleberry

    This is perfect I'm 18 and about to move in my first studio apartment I love this

  37. I am loving it!

  38. What are the starter plants called?? I would love to get some!

  39. i miss when it was minimalistic. That shelf is gonna be your worst enemy when cleaning all them dust.

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