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  1. Must be a real blast living next to that train track

  2. how far are the post apart and how far are the floor joist spans? Im about to do this exact same project and since its been awhile since you posted.. how solid did it turn out to be? any issues? I am debating going with a triple 2×12 beam or 4 – 2x10s. I already have the base plates in 10 ft apart and my floor joist will be 12 ft span. Just thinking maybe i should shorten them up. Any advice? thanks for the video, looks good!

  3. Largest bending internal forces (momentum) in continues beams are on supports. Making joints on supports are not good idea.

  4. 2×10 spruce? where do you get those? Around me all pine

  5. your seil plate, is it 2X12? or 2X10

  6. Oh, wow!  That train will keep you up at night…

  7. That girder is only nailed together at the end. It should be triple nailed at least 12" apart. Also Why not extend the girder all the way to the foundation wall, then notch it and make it flush with the sill? It would be stronger and neater. Also why not pour a rat slab in your crawlspace? Sure it looks neat now but without the slab, later on with traffic and shstuff that people throw in, that vapor barrier will definitely be damaged in multiple places. Your neat crawlspace would then become "Nasty" (as Janet Jackson called it in the 80s).

  8. What is the idea of having the short pieces of floorjoist between the last joist and the rimjoist?

  9. Very nice work!

  10. What's the technical name for those small joist hangars seen @ 2:20?