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FIRST FLOOR – Dramatic Contemporary House Pt. 1

I’m back! This week I start a brand new project, building a house from start to finish.

If you’d like to build along you can find the floor plans here:

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  1. good video 🙂

  2. I turn on X-ray mode when I'm copying the blueprint. Easier to see.

  3. 3:29 you said to make it a group but you make it a component

  4. your the best, the real Boss, an appreciation. but it will be excelent if you do vray 3.4 tutorial series

  5. I love it thanks

  6. Im about to start watching this series, but Im only using the free version, Can I do everything in this videos with the free version? Please get back to me ASAP!

  7. good work I like that

  8. What is the shortcut you're using to delete the face (floor)

  9. Thanks for your video tutorial, it helps a lot =)

  10. love your channel sir because you are giving us a brief guide and definition …,,,, plus your tutorial have a voice cover that most of the other tutorial is not used to do it..,,

  11. how can I get plugin?

  12. Why do you reverse the faces?

  13. why you didn't use image match to get the right measurement for the height at 22.30

  14. You should do more videos like this..

  15. Dude i love your vids I hope you never give up👍👍

  16. After explored the plan, what key did you push to make it into a group?

  17. The plan is $675. why so expensive?

  18. Thank You

  19. also a faster way to reverse faces is to reverse the first one, and then "orient faces" to it, and everything else will follow suit

  20. After you pushpull, you can double click another wall and it remembers how far to go automatically

  21. hi I wanna ask how is it possible for you to delete those line in 14:46? cause with mine, if I try to delete those line, it delete the whole thing as it has been one component (you make it as one component before) Thanks!

  22. Michaël claerbout

    Thanks a bunch! looking forward to the next videos

  23. Great video, really helps out!

  24. BTW Aaron, this is a great video!

  25. What is feete and inges?

  26. Great, can you please advice how to get the other features on your SketchUp

  27. It can be interesting 🙂