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Feng Shui Home Decorating Ideas

Feng shui home decorating ideas that will spark your inner interior designer!


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  1. What's your favorite Feng Shui tip?

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  3. It got some mistakes here ~

  4. Thanks Kin🧚🏼‍♀️❤️🙏🏽

  5. Also don't put a mirror in a way that reflects your bed

  6. what is this 'energy' and where does it come from?

  7. Stop-Robot-Voices ! A

    Why is the video so fast????

  8. eder ferreira paulo

    Legendas ? Legenda no vídeo ?

  9. Yes for those positive people. But for negative people. ?

  10. Don't be superstitious and hope whoever made your home understood proper furniture placement with outlets, windows and doors.

  11. 2:08 nice try Bogeyman

  12. Great Video! Thanks for the ideas!

  13. You dont work in your bedroom

  14. Well I can’t change the layout of my
    House now lol 😂

  15. To much energy to have books and electronics in bedroom where you’re sleeping I keep neither in my room for a restful nights sleep

  16. Some nice tips, strangely, a lot of this already applies to the layout of my house. Although I disagree with the mirror in the kitchen, family photos in the house are just weird in my opinion and also don't like cluttering up the fridge door with things.

  17. Your slides are too fast

  18. It goes a little too fast to give someone time to read. It's not worth watching if I have to keep pausing and replaying.

  19. Good fengshui is the place makes everyone happy and provide energy .

  20. I hate this kind of shit videos, it is like reading a web page in lower quality, often this videos use free music and stolen images and text from other creators, it lazy and greeby, I hope more folk start to give videos like this thumbs down.

  21. Thank you for this video, it is really useful.

  22. After 1 minute i realised this is not THE best way to furnish a home. Displaying pics of your family and loved ones for everyone to see immediately against your front door is a possibility of putting them in danger of negative energy and influences from visitors or anyone who just delivers from your door. They could have resentment or jealousy against them. Better to protect what you love and not share with the world. If we talk about showing your whole life, your kids and all your good accomplishments on social media, most can understand this is not smart and causes problems where 'followers' feel jealous and with so many bad eyes towards u, u make ot harder to protect yourself. Same goes for this. You have to able to make the link here. Better to keep valuable things to yourself or people you can trust.

  23. Do agree with other comments Is more likely interior Design. Feng Shui is an ancient act of placement. Color elements , Balancing of energy. Avoid sector on specify year of bad qi. I always advice on my clients. Nevertheless , great job..!!! keep it up there is always room for improvements.

  24. Mi piace avere camera da letto senza fronzoli, con le mie piante che mi aiutano a dormire bene. ..

  25. i

  26. I need a cure for my kitchen..the cooker is directly opposite the sink I can't move either due to plumbing.fire opposing water is not good..it has bought a lot of arguments to the house..please have you got any suggestions to help calm this down?

  27. How many times would you like people to pause the vedio, to be able to read the text?

  28. Jorn Van der Wal

    Close laptop to reduce electromagnetic radiation? fucking bullshit lmao.

  29. I'm totally breaking the rules!

  30. https://www.digistore24.com/redir/89821/Dejan22/ es lohnt sich perfekt für feng shui

  31. Good information with very disturbing music