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Family of Four Living in 600sq ft Apartment Tour Miami Beach

I live on Miami Beach with my husband and two kids in a 600 square foot apartment. I have learned to live with less and I am happier because of it. Check out our space! *Sorry I filmed the whole video vertically.*

My Minimalism Inspiration: https://amzn.to/2xouMtS
My Fav Space Saver: https://amzn.to/2piAvgk

We have since moved to a bigger place. Check out the new apartment tour: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wIw87_bxmoY&t=25s

I love living on Miami Beach. Like this video and subscribe to my channel for more videos all about Miami Beach! See ya real soon!

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  1. Such a positive video. I also think im happier with just simple things or thing myself and my family mainly NEED vs want. Thank you for this.

  2. I love to live in small space. I don't have to spend so much time cleaning and organizing. But, spending time with my kids, and my husband…. We used to live in a house and we move to apt and I LOVE. minimalist space

  3. Love this video. We will be downsizing from 1400 sqft to 600 sqft (family of 4). Everyone thinks I’m crazy so it’s nice to see other families doing it and loving it. We have decided we want more freedom with our money, less stuff and square feet. We want to get out and experience the world more.
    My only worry is that sometimes I wonder if I will regret it, as the kids get bigger. Have you ever had a moment where you think you might need to upsize again?

  4. Not a fan of the "kids in a closet" idea. Other than that, very cute!!

  5. Myrtle Beach Family Vlog

    Great video!! My family of five just moved to a 600 sqft condo on the beach I didn’t want to pass up the great price. So I made it work!! I’ll be doing a video on that ASAP 💕💕 subscribed

  6. Next video could you talk louder? Was hard to hear you.

  7. Love it im just entering 20s but thinking bout future save money for now

  8. I would live in a closet, if I could have that VIEW!

  9. You have done a great job.Apartments are so expensive and utilities.

  10. Dinara MULDABAYEVA

    If I were you, I would give the kids entire bedroom and make it their bedroom/playground area. And you could sleep in the living room on a sofa bed. This way your kids will have their privacy and you and your husband will have your privacy 😉 To be honest, I felt kind of bad to see your kids sleeping in the closet(

  11. I live in an 880 sq. Ft., so I am blessed. There are people who live in cars. I love Apartment
    living best.

    You are a sweetheart, and I enjoy your channel. Life can end at any time. My daughter is 38, and I raised her as a widowed Mom since she was 7, but hubby was not responsible, so I raised her own my own, with God’s help.

    I use 13 gallon RubberMaids to store everything, and keep an index box of the # of the Rm and contents. I love it,
    Suitcases can be used for storage.

    for more hints from this 75 years young senior feel free to e- mail me.

    Google: Judi Grace Storycorps.

  12. The Lavender Wolf and Foxy Pack

    I live in 725sq ft home, I have 5 kids, and I use the word "kids" very loosely, mainly cause they're 7,10,12,14,18 and all but 2 of em are 130lbs or more, Oh and also over 5ft6 to 6² 🙃 and it wasn't that bad when they were little. Its all fun and games till everybody starts bumping shoulders and havin to turn sideways to get by. And the bathroom issue sucks too. Everyone goes there to hide, So yeah, I'd say that's kinda annoying. 🤔But what I deal with isn't really a choice of minimalism, its just good old fashioned poverty 😒

  13. I agree less is more!

  14. I bet your children love their little bedroom. The doors probably make it feel like a wonderful cocoon. I don't think you need tips, you're doing just fine.😁

  15. Hehe…I did go back and watch it, you have a nice place and the kids beds are genius and if I were a kid, id feel so safe!

  16. I moved into a 2 bedroom and the master had a ridiculously huge walk in closet and I made it my toddler girls room
    She has a toddler bed.. night stand toy box kids table tv/and tv stand and a lot of room to play …. It’s maybe 3 ft smaller then our alternate bedroom where my teen girl sleeps…

  17. That view is to die for!

  18. Sorry I don’t like mean comments, but I couldn’t watch this when I saw how u filmed it! I was so excited to see it too! Not good!

  19. This is a very well planned for floor plan. We stay in a small apartment too at 700sqft but the space looks much smaller than yours due to the limitation of floor plan. Will see how to do about it. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  20. Kids in the closet is SWEET! What kid wouldn't want that?! Nice job, great work and great view!

  21. If you have designed house on 12 feet wide plot please upload floor plan

  22. It is really helpful for me to plan for the house.
    Perfectly utilized area. Children part is awesome

  23. You should be ashamed of putting your kids to sleep into the closet….why dont you put their bed to the living room you have enough space there…i think you care being your place pretty and good looking instead of caring for your kids and whats better for them…in your case i would have slept to the sofa